Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meehan, Gerlach tout pro-conservation plan

Who says Republicans don't care about the environment? Here's two GOP members of Congress from Pennsylvania who are pushing pro-conservation legislation in the House.

Meehan, Gerlach tout pro-conservation plan (With Video) -

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Newspaper: Berks Countians understand need for tax reform

From an editorial in The Pottstown Mercury:
A legislative forum was held Monday at Daniel Boone Middle School for discussion of tax proposals — a pretty dry topic for a pleasant summer night.

But the forum brought out a full house — nearly 400 people — to listen intently to proposals for tax reform that have been talked about in Harrisburg for 40 years.
Berks County residents demand Pennsylvania eliminate school property taxes. So what's wrong with the rest of the state?

Read the full editorial at the link below:

Berks Countians understand need for tax reform -

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Bad Things Come in Threes

Poll: Economy Trumps Terrorism as Top Concern

Pennsylvania State Police Urge Vigilance as Sept. 11 Anniversary Nears

Obama's 'Insufferable Arrogance'

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is John Rafferty Pennsylvania's next Attorney General?

PoliticsPA, a well-regarded political website, is reporting that Republican State Sen. John C. Rafferty Jr. is planning a run for Pennsylvania Attorney General in 2012.

From a story by PoliticsPA Managing Editor Keegan Gibson:
He won't face a question of experience: Rafferty served as Deputy Attorney General from 1988 to 1991. In the PA Senate, he has built a reputation as a good legislator respected on both sides of the aisle. He chairs the Transportation Committee and serves on Appropriations, Judiciary, Law & Justice, Banking and Insurance and Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure.
I've gotten to know Sen. Rafferty well over the years and he would make an outstanding Attorney General. He's a dedicated public servant who has moved up the ranks quickly in the state Senate. He's also big on constituent service, not an easy task in the expansive 44th State Senate District, which stretches across Montgomery, Chester and Berks counties.

Rafferty's likely opponent would be liberal Democrat Patrick Murphy, a one-term Congressman from Bucks County who lost his bid for re-election in 2010.

Read more about a possible Rafferty campaign at the link below:

Rafferty in for Attorney General

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Video: NewsBusted 8/30/11


Political scientist: Perzel's plea vindicates Corbett's claim that corruption probe was fair

Warren 'Raise My Taxes' Buffett's Company May Owe IRS $1 Billion

Good work if you can get it

13 Pennsylvanians Charged With Welfare Fraud

Same Old Song

Property tax reform forum draws large crowd

New Obama Economic Adviser Offers Same Old Failed Policies

Monday, August 29, 2011

Columnist: Obama at a loss over economy

How many times can one person get it wrong? Barack Obama still doesn't have a clue on how to turn around the U.S. economy.

From an op-ed by Sen. Ron Johnson:
Since taking office in admittedly tough economic conditions, the president has taken America 180 degrees in the wrong direction. His failed $825-billion stimulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and the explosion of his administration’s other job-killing regulations have combined to put a stranglehold on our economy.
Sen. Ron Johnson: Obama at a loss - Washington Times

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Obama vs. Mother Nature

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Media Bias

Rep. Kampf: Lessons from the Ackerman Fiasco Can be Found in Harrisburg

Warren Buffett doesn't pay taxes but you should

Warren Buffett wants more Americans to pay higher taxes at the same time his company has not paid any federal taxes in almost a decade.

From a New York Post editorial calling out the liberal hypocrite:
If Buffett really thinks he and his "mega-rich friends" should pay higher taxes, why doesn't his firm fork over what it already owes under current rates?

Likely answer: He cares more about shilling for President Obama -- who's practically made socking "millionaires and billionaires" his re-election theme song -- than about kicking in more himself.
Read the full editorial at the link below:

Warren Buffett's hokey tax-hike call - Editorial -

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Video: Liberal Hypocrisy

The Vacation President

John McCain still alive ... turns 75 today

Birthday wishes to Arizona Sen. John McCain, who turns 75 today.

Remember all those Obama-loving liberal pundits who said in 2008 that McCain was too old to serve as president and he'd probably die in office, thus making Sarah Palin president?

Typical scare tactics for the far left. I bet some people did not vote for McCain because of his age. Instead we get stuck with a 50-year-old community organizer whose screwed up the country royally.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Columnist: U.S. needs permanent tax reform

An excellent op-ed by Congressman Joe Pitts, R-PA, that offers real solutions to reforming the tax code instead of Obama's idiotic "tax the rich" bumper sticker slogan.

U.S. needs permanent tax reform -

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Top 10 Outrageous Maxine Waters Quotes

I've advocated mental health screening as a qualification for Congress for a long time. Rep. Maxine Waters is a perfect example.

Top 10 Outrageous Maxine Waters Quotes - HUMAN EVENTS

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MSNBC Blames Hurricane on Global Warming?

A hurricane hits the Eastern Seaboard once every 100 years and the cause if global warming? Gimme a break! The global warming alarmists are full of hot air.

MSNBC Features 9/11 Truther to Blame Hurricane on Global Warming |


Rep. Maloney to host property tax forum

WHAT: State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) will host a town hall meeting to provide information on efforts to reduce and/or eliminate school property taxes. He has often referred to Berks County as "ground zero" in the property tax debate, and is holding this meeting to update constituents on the challenges facing the state Legislature in dealing with this issue.

WHO: Maloney will be joined by other members of the General Assembly, including the co-chairmen of the School Property Tax Relief Caucus, Reps. Jim Cox (R-Berks) and Seth Grove (R-York), as well as Reps. Mark Gillen (R-Berks), Tom Quigley (R-Montgomery), Marcie Toepel (R-Montgomery) and Doug Reichley (R-Berks/Lehigh).

WHEN: Monday, Aug. 29, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Daniel Boone Middle School auditorium, 1845 Weavertown Road, Douglassville.

LIVE WEBSTREAMING: The meeting may be viewed through Maloney's website,

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Failure of Obamanomics

From Investor's Business Daily:
If you needed another metric by which to measure the failure of Obamanomics, new numbers released Friday show that two years after the recession ended the economy still hasn't fully recovered.
The Endless Economic Recovery -

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Weekly GOP Address: Obama Killing Jobs

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Pennsylvania Residents Urged to Take Food Safety Precautions During Flooding, Power Outages

Friday, August 26, 2011

Lost Another Facebook Friend

$500,000 in Stimulus Used to Create 1 Green Job

Be Prepared and Check Your Policy Before the Hurricane

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Hurricane Irene

Columnist: Liberals Meet Their Waterloo in Wisconsin

Obama Doubles Down on Failed Stimulus Spending

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Many Will Lose Health Coverage Under ObamaCare

Remember when Barack Obama promised that you could keep your health insurance coverage if you were happy with the plan? He lied.

ObamaCare Could Wipe Out Over 30% of Private Insurance Plans - HUMAN EVENTS


D.C. Shockwaves

Michelle Obama Lives It Up On Taxpayer Dime

Pennsylvania Protects Additional 1,425 Acres of Prime Farmland

PEMA Urges Pennsylvanians to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

Newspaper: Gov't Spending is the Problem

Census: Divorce Rates Highest in the South, Lowest in the Northeast

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Katy Perry Blasted for Pro-Israel Tweet

Why do liberals have so much hatred toward Israel or anyone willing to stand with Israel?

Here's the latest example of liberal fascism directed toward singer Katy Perry, who had the nerve to show her support for Israel on her Twitter account.

From Michelle Malkin:
Katy Perry is a pop singer/songwriter who churns out annoying Billboard hits ("Firework," "Teenage Dream," "Hot N Cold") that your tween-age kids love and you love to hate (yes, I speak from experience). She made news this week after tying Michael Jackson’s record of scoring 5 #1 Billboard hits off a single album.

She also made some little-noticed waves on Twitter that should be newsworthy.

In a response to a fan of hers on Monday, she tweeted:

I am! My prayers are for you guys tonight, SHALOM! RT @ luvmikapenniman: @katyperry #prayforisrael please pray with us

Over the past 24 hours, all hell has broken loose — with Palestinian, Muslim, and progressive Twitter followers lashing out at Perry for her innocuous tweet asking others to pray for Israel.
Read more at Malkin's website.

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Columnist: Obama Smuggling Guns and Registering Yours

When he's not busy smuggling weapons to Mexican drug lords, Barack Obama is trying to disarm Americans.

Chuck Norris: Obama Smuggling Guns and Registering Yours - HUMAN EVENTS

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The Obama-ACORN Connection

Obama On Vacation

Paul Krugman Gets Angry Over Fake Quote, But His Real Ones Are Just As Bad

East Coast Earthquake Puts Focus on Looming Disaster Facing America's Bridges

More than 150,000 U.S. bridges - many in Pennsylvania - are in need of repair.

East Coast Earthquake Puts Focus on Looming Disaster Facing America's Bridges

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pennsylvania Begins Precautionary Bridge Inspections after Earthquake

Pennsylvania has the most structurally deficient bridges of any state, so this make sense.

PennDOT Inspectors Begin Precautionary Bridge Inspections after Earthquake


The Problem With Washington

Ron Paul to Address National Press Club

Michele Bachmann to Join FRC Action's Values Voter Summit

Facts and Truth About U.S. Inflation, Debt, and Political Crisis

Pennsylvania: Photo ID Protects Integrity of Every Vote

This is a step in the right direction after eight years of Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell blocking efforts to reduce voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Commonwealth: Photo ID Protects Integrity of Every Vote

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Education Secretary Announces $66M Awarded to Reform Pennsylvania's Lowest-Achieving Schools

Rep. Maloney to host property tax forum

State Rep. David M. Maloney (R-130th Dist.) will host a school property tax forum on Monday, Aug. 29, at the Daniel Boone Middle School Auditorium in Amity Township.

The event runs from 7 to 9 p.m. and is open to the public.

"I have long said that Berks County is "Ground Zero" for the debate over school property taxes. It is the issue I hear about most frequently from constituents," Maloney said in a press release announcing the forum.

From the release:
"Our agenda for Aug. 29th is to lay out to the public where we are at this point in time in the fight to reduce and eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania. Several of my State House colleagues and I will present the most current data we have and discuss the challenges we face in our 130th District and statewide."

State Reps. Seth Grove, R-York, and Jim Cox, R-Berks, who are both co-team leaders for the House Majority Policy Committee will be on hand as well as Reps. Doug Reichley R- Berks/Lehigh, Marcy Toepel, R-Montgomery, and Mark Gillen, R-Berks, who will all participate in the forum.

"We have a lot of information to put forward and we will talk about previous tax relief efforts like legalized gaming and Act 1," Maloney said. "We will talk about school district growth versus state funding over the last 10 years. At the end of the presentation we will take questions."

State lawmakers from Berks, Chester and Montgomery counties have been pushing for the elimination of school property taxes for years, Maloney noted.

"No two counties in Pennsylvania are alike as we all struggle with higher school property taxes," Maloney said. "In some parts of Pennsylvania, school property taxes are not an issue, but they are a problem here. We have information and numbers that most people have not seen and it looks at school property taxes on a statewide view. I felt it was necessary to share this data. There are hot spots in Pennsylvania where this is a serious concern. We in the southeast live in a hot spot."

"Part of my purpose for this event is to also tell people that we will continue to work to correct the problems with the school property tax system," Maloney said.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama's Priority

$4.5B in Earnings, Taxes Lost Last Year Due to the High U.S. College Dropout Rate

Joe Biden 'Fully Understands' China's Mandatory Abortions

The dumbest man to ever serve as vice president of the United States opened his mouth again.

Joe Biden 'Fully Understands' China's Mandatory Abortions - HUMAN EVENTS

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Gov. Corbett Announces Nominations and Appointments

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook Removed Gov. Jan Brewer's Post Criticizing Obama

PennDOT to Aid State, Local DUI Enforcement through Labor Day

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekly Republican Address: Ohio Gov. John Kasich


Pennsylvania Jobless Rate Rises to 7.8%

The Obama Recession continues as Pennsylvania's unemployment rate jumped to 7.8% in July, up from 7.6% in June. So much for Obama's recovery summer.

Pennsylvania's Employment Situation: July 2011

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Judicial Watch: Obama Bankrolls Massive Propaganda Campaign to Push Obamacare

William H. Ryan Jr. Named Chairman of Pennsylvania Gaming Board

The Obama Bust Tour

Top 10 Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees

Surprisingly, Pennsylvania did not make the Top 10.

Top 10 Tax-Unfriendly States for Retirees - HUMAN EVENTS

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Pennsylvania Gaming Board Issues $30,000 In Fines

72 Law Enforcement Officers Killed on 9/11 to Be Remembered on 10th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks

Friday, August 19, 2011

Zogby: Voters Tuning Obama Out

Pollster John Zogby on the Obama presidency:
"Both the stock market and President Obama's poll numbers are tanking."
Zogby: Voters Might be Tuning Obama Out - Washington Whispers (

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Obama Takes The Plunge

Democratic Smear Machine Strikes Out

Republicans Ridicule Obama's Martha's Vineyard Vacation

Unemployment is above 9 percent, poverty is at record levels and the stock market is in the tank.

Barack Obama deserves a vacation after the great work he's done destroying the U.S. economy.

Republicans Ridicule Obama's Martha's Vineyard Vacation - Washington Whispers (

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Help Rebuild St. Nicholas Church

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Media Bias

Thursday, August 18, 2011

'The Super Committee' On Deficit Reduction

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Report: Poverty Soars Under Obama

How's this for hope and change? Despite trillions of dollars in new government spending, the poverty rate in America has soared under Barack Obama.

Study: 1 in 5 American children lives in poverty

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PA Takes Disciplinary Actions Against 152 Licensed, Commissioned Professionals, Organizations

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Barack Obama: The Dog Ate My Recovery

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NBC News Caught 'Selectively Editing' & 'Doctoring' Video to Smear Gov. Perry

The corrupt liberal media is already on the attack against Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has the best chance of ending Barack Obama's failed presidency. » NBC News Caught Red Handed 'Selectively Editing' & 'Doctoring' Video to Smear Gov Perry as Racist

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Obama Touts Food Stamp As Economic Stimulus

Under Barack Obama, 1 in 7 Americans relies on food stamps. And Obama thinks that's a good thing. He'd like to see more people dependent on the government for their food. Not exactly the hope and change you were promised.

Food Stamp Stimulus - HUMAN EVENTS

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Gov. Corbett Announces Nominations, Appointments

Pennsylvania Table Games Revenue in July Highest to Date

Columnist: Obama Has Failed Us

Forget the excuses by the state-run liberal media. Barack Obama is simply over matched for the job of president of the United States.

An excellent assessment of the Obama Administration so far by columnist Peter Wehner:

The uncomfortable truth for liberals is this: Obama is failing because his (liberal) policies are failing. It is that simple. Pouring old wine into new wineskin won't do the trick. Neither will a bus tour. Neither will finger the Arab Spring and the Japanese tsunami for our economic troubles. Neither will employing what John Harwood calls "the hottest rhetoric of [Obama's] tenure, blistering opponents for refusing 'to put the country ahead of party' because they would 'rather see their opponents lose than see America win.'"

What we are witnessing are the desperate, angry and increasingly unappealing words of a desperate, angry, and increasingly unappealing politician. Those who are waiting for Superman will be waiting in vain.
Read the full column at the link below:

Obama's Problem is Not Communication

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Who Killed the U.S. Economy?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Newspaper: On fixing economy, Obama got it wrong

The liberal Los Angeles Times, an Obama supporter from Day 1, admits on its editorial pages what Barack Obama and his economic advisers refuse to see: They got it all wrong on the economy. The newspaper says it's time for a fresh start.

Fixing the economy: We got it wrong

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Obama

The Cost of Government

Today, Aug. 15, is the last day in 2011 you have been working to pay for the cost of government (taxes and regulations) if you live in Pennsylvania.

The money you bring home the rest of the year is all yours.

Still think we don't need to shrink the size of government at every level?

From The Commonwealth Foundation:
By the calculation of Americans for Tax Reform, Pennsylvania just reached its Cost of Government Day. That is, it took the average Keystone worker until Aug. 15, or 227 days, to earn enough to pay his share of federal, state and local government spending and meet the costs of regulation. That puts Pennsylvania in a dismal 40th place among U.S. states, and three days later than the national average.
Read more at The Commonwealth Foundation Blog.

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Americans United for Life Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Richard Viguerie: Conservative Voters Winnowing Out Moderate Candidates

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Desperate times ...

Join the fight to end school property taxes

The Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations is planning a big push this fall to help eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania. Find out how you can help at the link below:

Join the fight to end school property taxes -

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Richard Viguerie: Rick Perry Only Candidate Who Passes 2 Key Tests

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40%

The Obama free-fall continues as job approval for the president sinks to 39 percent, a new low for his three years in office.

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sen. Pat Toomey Delivers Weekly GOP Address

What Michelle Bachmann Triumph Means in Iowa

Top 10 Reasons Obama Won't Win Reelection

Gov. Perry Announces Presidential Bid

Friday, August 12, 2011

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Key ObamaCare Provision

Lincoln Radio Journal: Property Tax Relief in PA

This week on Lincoln Radio Journal: Host Lowman Henry talks with David Baldinger of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Taxpayer Associations about the group's plan for eliminating school property taxes; Frank Gamrat and Eric Montarti of the Allegheny Institute discuss the economic impact of drilling in the Marcellus Shale region on The Allegheny Institute Report; and, Scott Paterno has an Uncomfortable Truth commentary on President Barack Obama's failure to lead. Visit to find out were you can listen to the program in your area.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

All 6 Democrats on Deficit-Reduction Panel Earned F From Taxpayers' Union

Need further proof that Democrats are not serious about reducing the nation's massive debt?

All 6 Democrats on Deficit-Reduction Panel Earned F From Taxpayers' Union |

Columnist: Obama partisans ignore facts when bashing Bush

Sanity Downgrade for Dems

Columnist: 500 Billion New Reasons To Invalidate ObamaCare

Howard Rich, writing in Investor's Business Daily:
A few hundred billion dollars here, a few hundred billion dollars there — sooner or later we're talking about the real cost of Barack Obama's new socialized medicine monstrosity.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once said that "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it." Apparently, passing the legislation was also a prerequisite to determining its actual price tag — which as it turns out is much higher than anyone fathomed.

The latest cost overrun associated with ObamaCare? A $500 billion "error" associated with insuring the spouses and children of new entitlement recipients. That's $500 billion in additional deficit spending — although it didn't stem from an "error" so much as it was the result of a deliberate miscalculation.
Read the full column at the link below:

500 Billion New Reasons To Invalidate ObamaCare -


Global Warming Meltdown

Commonwealth Foundation: PLCB Kiosk Catastrophe Continues

New Poll Shows Trouble for Obama in Iowa

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Does His Best

Democrats, Big Labor Lose Big in Wisconsin

NRC Issues Final Safety Evaluation Report

Audit Finds Waste, Abuse in Low-Income Heating Program

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running Out of Excuses

Parents Admit Shortcomings When It Comes to Protecting Their Children on Social Networks

Newspaper: Obama Owns This Bad Economy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

Gov. Corbett Announces Recent Appointments

Pennsylvania to Offer Free Potassium Iodide Tablets on Aug. 11

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 10 Unhinged Liberal Attacks

Weekly Republican Address: Where Are The Jobs?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pennsylvania: 230 State-Owned Vehicles to be Offered at Aug. 15 Public Auction

PA Declares Drought Watches, Warnings in 44 Counties

After record-breaking heat in July, Pennsylvania officials are asking for voluntary water conservation in most of the state.

DEP Declares Drought Watches, Warnings Around Commonwealth

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All Things Must Pass

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past 24 hours. I've been incapacitated by a kidney stone. Spent 7 hours in the emergency room of my local hospital waiting for urine test, X-ray and CT to confirm diagnosis. Finally feeling better now that the pain medication has kicked in. I'm sending out this dedication to me: "All Things Must Pass" by George Harrison.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Corbett Signs Extension of PACE, PACENET Prescription Benefits

Dick Morris: Obama Facing Landslide Loss

Gov. Corbett Signs Fifth Execution Warrant

Thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, no death row inmates in Pennsylvania have been executed since 1999.

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Signs Execution Warrant for Bucks County Man

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poll: Obama losing to Romney in Pennsylvania

Republican candidate Mitt Romney leads President Obama 44%-42% in a new Quinnipiac University poll of Pennsylvania voters.

Obama losing to Romney in Pennsylvania, poll says - The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidency

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RNC: The President Who Voted 'Present'

'Welcome to the Recovery'

How are you celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Democrats' "Recovery Summer" as the U.S. economy plunges into another recession thanks to misguided liberal policies.

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NFIB Launches Campaign to Highlight Regulatory Burden on Small Businesses

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, First Lady Susan Corbett Announce Winners of 'Name the Pups' Contest

Tea Party Hobbits

Gallup: Liberals Remain Small Minority

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Even NY Times loses faith in Obama

You know you're in trouble when The New York Times, the official propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, starts dissing Barack Obama.

So much for the myth of hope and change.
The New York Times: "The president can no longer make the argument that he has changed the way Washington works - Mr. Obama's Washington, in fact, has looked even worse than previous eras …"
RNC: What They Are Saying: Obama's 'Inept' Leadership on Debt Ceiling Debate Has Left His Party and Presidency in a 'Diminished State'

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RNC Chairman Priebus on the Debt Limit Deal

Have it your way

Joe Biden: Vice President of Embarrassment

ObamaCare's Most Frightening Consequence: Not Enough Doctors

Fuzzy math, according to Barack Obama. Add 30 million people to the health care system, but push doctors out of the system. That's ObamaCare in a nutshell.

ObamaCare's Most Frightening Consequence: Not Enough Doctors - HUMAN EVENTS


That Sinking Feeling

Video: NewsBusted

July Slot Machine Revenue Single Highest Month To Date in Pennsylvania

New Fiscal Year in PA Begins with $1.7B in General Fund Revenues

Monday, August 1, 2011

Global warming hoax unravels

More evidence has surfaced that much of the climate change science used by global warming alarmists was made up.

You would think that environmentalists would be overjoyed at the news that the world is not in danger. But that's not the case. I wonder why. Could it be that there's money to be made in frightening people? Just ask millionaire Al Gore.

Check out this well-written opinion piece by Chester County resident Anthony J. Oleck:

Another blow to the Al Gore types -


Time To Change Course

CREW Exposed As Far Left Front Group

Audit Finds Waste, Mismanagement on PA Liquor Board

What happens when government owns and operates all the liquor stores in Pennsylvania? An audit by Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner, a Democrat, found all sorts of problems with the state store system.

AG Audit Finds Rampant PLCB Waste and Mismanagement

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Club for Growth 'strongly' opposes debt deal

Columnist: Obama lost debt ceiling battle