Monday, October 31, 2011

Grinch Obama Ruins Christmas For Many


Met-Ed Makes Water and Ice Available to Customers

More than 30 hours without electricity, a refrigirator and freezer full of spoiled food and the best Met-Ed can do is offer customers two bags of ice and four gallons of water?

Met-Ed Makes Water and Ice Available to Customers


What Does Mitt Romney Stand For?

Watchdog: Obama stretches truth on accomplishments

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Republican Address: Plan for America's Job Creators

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Try Showing a Little Cleavage: Final Advice for the '99 Percent' Movement'

Top 10 Reasons Occupy Wall Street Is a Joke

Friday, October 28, 2011

Only 52% of Democrats Support ObamaCare; Will the Networks Report?

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Media Bias

The Occupy Couch Movement

Pennsylvania Prosecutes 9 For Welfare Fraud

Gov. Corbett Congratulates New Troopers at State Police Graduation

Voter remorse? Obama lost many donors from '08


Why is the liberal media so scared of Marco Rubio?

The corrupt liberal media hasn't been this scared of a Republican politician since Sarah Palin in 2008.

Washington Post Steps Up Attacks on Marco Rubio - HUMAN EVENTS

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Nervous Pennsylvania GOP House Members Kill Electoral College Change

This electoral college change was a distraction. Republican need to focus on the economy to defeat Obama.

Nervous Pennsylvania GOP House Members Kill Electoral College Change - HUMAN EVENTS

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Promises, Promises: Obama Stretches Truth

How can you tell if Barack Obama is lying? His mouth is moving. Obama has been claiming that he has fulfilled 60% of his 2008 election promises, but an independent review by the watchdog organization has determined that Obama has barely fulfilled 30% of his promises.

Promises, promises: Obama's 60% tally too high? - Washington Times

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Newspaper Endorses Bruce Castor, Jenny Brown for Montgomery County Commissioner

Two candidates in the Nov. 8 election are best suited to guide Montgomery County during difficult fiscal times.

From an editorial in The Doylestown Intelligencer:
It's our belief the Republicans have the stronger, more credible game plan. That's why our endorsement goes to Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown.
For commissioner in Montgomery County: Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown - The Intelligencer

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PennDOT Crews, Equipment, Supplies Ready for Upcoming Winter

A freeze warning for Friday morning? A chance of snow showers on Saturday? I'm still trying to get into fall. I'm not ready for winter!

PennDOT Crews, Equipment, Supplies Ready for Upcoming Winter


Your tax dollars at work

Which Obama minion at the State Department got the bright idea to use taxpayer dollars to buy copies of Obama's book? And Democrats keep saying there's no place to cut federal spending.

State Dept. spends $70K on Obama books - Washington Times

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Democrats' Idea of Flat Tax

Why property taxes should be eliminated in Pennsylvania

Here's a perfect example of why property taxes should not be used to fund public schools in Pennsylvania. A corporation appeals its tax assessment and wins, forcing a school district to give back $6.5 million.

Spring-Ford School Board agrees to pay back $6.5M to GlaxoSmithKline -

Learn more about efforts to eliminate property taxes at the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition website.

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Sen. Rafferty to host veterans breakfast on Oct. 29

Sen. John Rafferty is planning a salute to area veterans in Pennsylvania's 44th Senate District with a veterans appreciation breakfast on Saturday, Oct. 29, from 8 to 10 a.m. at the SunnyBrook Ballroom in Pottstown.

Due to the capacity of the building, only those veterans who have pre-registered with Sen. Rafferty's office will be admitted as seating is limited. To register, call 610-831-8830

Pennsylvania's 44th Senatorial district includes parts of Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties. In Berks County: Amity Township, Douglass Township and Robeson Township. In Chester County: Caln Township, Coatesville, East Brandywine Township, East Nantmeal Township, North Coventry Township, South Coatesville, South Coventry Township, Upper Uwchlan Township, Valley Township, Wallace Township, Warwick Township, West Brandywine Township, West Caln Township, West Nantmeal Township. In Montgomery County: Collegeville, Douglass Township, Limerick Township, Lower Pottsgrove Township, Lower Providence Township, Perkiomen Township, Pottstown, Royersford, Schwenksville, Skippack Township, Upper Pottsgrove Township, West Norriton Township, West Pottsgrove Township, Whitpain Township and Worcester Township.


Columnist: Global Warming — RIP?

Bad news for Al Gore. He's going to have to come with another scheme to line his own pockets.

Global Warming — RIP? - Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online

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5 Million Americans Abuse Painkillers Each Month

FRC, 30 Members of Congress Submit Brief Urging Supreme Court to Throw Out Entire Obamacare Law

Obama Profits From 'Health Care Reform'

It appears Obamacare was an elaborate scheme by Obama to shake down the health care industry.

Obama Rakes in More Health Care Cash Than Romney, Perry - Influence Alley

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Gov. Corbett Issues Flag Order to Honor World War II Airmen

Obama On Leno

Ann Coulter: If I Were a Liberal...

Crashes Involving Deer Peak in November

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to Open Nov. 1 in Pennsylvania

Romney: Obama Has No Plan to Get America Back to Work

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Obama's Pocket

Contractor Picked For New $316M Graterford Prison Project

The Corbett Administration saved $7 million by re-bidding the project after it took over from the Rendell Administration.

Contractor Chosen for New Prison Project in Southeastern Pennsylvania

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DEP Releases Impact Report on Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Gallup: Data Shows Americans Value Their Gun Rights

Millionaire Michael Moore Shamelessly Denies He Is The '1 Percent'

State Police to Accept Expired Prescription Medications on Saturday

Top Haunted Attractions in U.S. Both in Pennsylvania

Just in time for Halloween, has released its 2011 list of the Top 13 Best Haunted Attractions in the United States.

And topping the list? A pair of haunted attractions in suburban Philadelphia: The Bates Motel and Pennhurst Asylum, both operated by the same company.

Here's what has to say about the best haunts in the U.S.:
1. Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride and Pennhurst Asylum Haunted Attraction in Philadelphia, PA Pennsylvania: The Bates Motel Haunted House & Hayride is a unique haunted attraction for several reasons: The Haunted Hayride is located deep in a 200-year-old forest full of overgrown trees creating the ultimate dark trail even during a full moon. This puts customers on edge even before ever entering the first hayride scene. Combined with a digital custom soundtrack, pyrotechnics and continuous scares throughout the ride, this hayride attraction is sure to create the ultimate haunting experience of your life! To read a more detailed article about this attraction, visit their website at Additionally, The Pennhurst Asylum is one of the scariest haunted attraction sites in the world, mostly due to the setting of this haunt. It's located in a 100-year-old, abandoned mental institute. The building itself will instill real fear and true horror in anyone. The Asylum has been investigated by professional ghost hunters and featured on Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters several times. This attraction is truly haunted. To read a more detailed article about this real haunted house visit their website at Bates Motel and Pennhurst Asylum are owned and operated by the same company and are within a short drive of each other. These have to be number one on our list for locations to get scared this Halloween.
To review all 13 haunted attractions, visit


Optimism for the U.S. and World Economy Hits All-Time Low

Obama forgets he works for you

Government competition

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Commonwealth Foundation Affirms Liquor Privatization Study

PA House Passes Quigley Crackdown on Retail Theft

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Tom Quigley (R-Montgomery) that would impose harsher penalties for retail theft on repeat offenders who have completed an Accelerated Rehabilitation Program (ARD).

House Bill 1603 was introduced at the request of the Limerick Police Department, which has been dealing with a dramatic rise in retail thefts since the Philadelphia Premium Outlets opened in the township. Many of the people arrested for shoplifting are repeat offenders.

How bad is the problem? Reporter Brandie Kessler will have the following story in Wednesday's edition of The Mercury:
LIMERICK — Three men arrested for retail theft from the Philadelphia Premium Outlets over the weekend have extensive criminal histories and between them have prior arrests for rape, robbery and murder, with one of them being a registered sex offender, according to police.
That's just the latest of dozens of articles published in The Mercury about thefts from Philadelphia Premium Outlets.

From a press release issued by Quigley:
"The ARD program cannot be used as a shield for repeat offenders," said Quigley. "It is a very worthy program that helps people who genuinely made a one-time mistake, but the Legislature must close the loophole that is allowing repeat wrongdoers to be charged with multiple first offenses."

Quigley's legislation is in reaction to the case of Commonwealth v. Graeff, in which the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that because the definition of second offense in the retail theft statute did not include participation in ARD, a subsequent offense must be considered another first offense.

House Bill 1603 would correct this multiple first offense loophole, allowing prosecutors to charge defendants who participated in ARD but continue to break Pennsylvania’s retail theft law with a second-degree misdemeanor.

"This is an important bill that closes a loophole in the law which allows second-time retail theft offenders to receive a more lenient sentence reserved for first-time offenders. I would like to thank Representative Quigley for the expeditious manner in which he addressed this issue after it was brought to his attention by Limerick Township police detectives," said Limerick Township Chief of Police William J. Albany.

"House Bill 1603 is consistent with the manner in which our laws handle multiple DUI offenders who have completed ARD," said Quigley. "Enacting this measure will send the message that Pennsylvania will not tolerate continued and unabashed retail theft. Its cost to our businesses and society is too high."
The legislation, which was approved by a vote of 178-20, will now go before the Senate for its consideration.

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Christmas decorations on display before Halloween?

A new website urges readers to fight back against retailers who put out Christmas decorations early.

"It seems that every year retailers put out Christmas decorations earlier and earlier, sometimes in the middle of summer," said Meghann Marco, executive editor of "We've created the 'Christmas Creep' as a device for consumers to stand up to retailers and take back summer, fall and all the holidays within these seasons."

Readers can an submit photos of their "Christmas Creep" by emailing or at Readers can also submit photos and tips to the editors through the Consumerist Tipster app for iPhone available free on iTunes. Unveils Its 'Christmas Creep'


Pennsylvania Expanding Red Light Safety Camera Program

Obama's Tax Plan

Corbett Receives Privatization Plan for Liquor Control Board

Group Calls on Pennsylvania Senate to Pass Comprehensive School Choice Plan

Poll: Cain 25% - Romney 21%

Thug Administration: White House Wants Journalist Investigated for Biden Question

Monday, October 24, 2011


Gov. Corbett Declares Fiscal Emergency in City of Harrisburg

Pennsylvania Honors Volunteers for State Prison Work

To Friend or Not to Friend? That is Just One of the Questions

Stamps to cost a penny more in 2012

Time to stock up on those "Forever" stamps. The cost of a first-class stamp will rise to 45 cents next year.

Stamps to cost a penny more in 2012 -

Follow the Leader

Pennsylvanians split donations between Obama, GOP

Well-to-do Pennsylvania suburbanites who helped fund Obama's campaign in 2009 - and then voted him in - are having second thoughts.

Pennsylvanians split donations between Obama, GOP -

Obama's Latest Foreign Policy Blunder

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Editorial: Pay-to-play fees a burden to family budgets

Is it fair to charge parents of students who get involved in high school sports or other extra-curricular activities additional fees? Parents are already paying property taxes to support the schools. Why should they be penalized if their children want to stay active? What kind of message does it send to kids. Slackers don't have to pay?

Pay-to-play fees add new burden to family budgets -

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Rep. Joe Pitts: The extinction of the chocolate bunny

An excellent op-ed by Congressman Joe Pitts on the rapid growth of the Nanny State, where government bureacrats tell you what to feed your family.

The extinction of the chocolate bunny -


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekly GOP Address: Get Gov't Out of the Way of Job Creators

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Opinion: Another outrage against the taxpayers

An excellent opinion piece about how Obama and the big banks are taking advantage of American consumers at every turn.

Another outrage against the taxpayers by Big Banks and Obama -

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Gadhafi Finds A New Cause

Poll: Herman Cain 20% - Mitt Romney 18%

NIA Exposes Occupy Wall Street Truth

George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street

Matthew Vadum has uncovered evidence that George "Dr. Evil" Soros is behind the Occupy Wall Street protests. Anyone surprised?

George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street - HUMAN EVENTS

Obama Spends $529M to Create 500 Jobs – In Finland

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Collapse of Greece

With Barack Obama pushing a socialist agenda that has already pushed Greece over the abyss, will the U.S. economy collapse, too?

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Poll: 7 in 10 say U.S. headed in wrong direction under Obama

Medicare Costs Likely To Cut Into Social Security's Increase

The government giveth ... and the government taketh away.

Remember that 3.6 percent cost-of-living adjustment that was supposed to kick in for Social Security recipients in January? Forget about it. Higher Medicare Part B premiums will most likely wipe out as much as one-fourth of the anticipated Social Security raise.

Medicare Part B Premium Costs Likely To Cut Into Social Security's Increase - Kaiser Health News

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Obama's Zero-Zero-Zero Plan

Pennsylvania Unemployment Rises to 8.3%

Another 7,000 Pennsylvanians lost their jobs in September, bringing the total number of state residents out of work to 523,000.

The Obama recession continues ...

Pennsylvania's Employment Situation for September 2011

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Poll: Half of Americans Do Not Believe President Obama Will be Re-elected

Misery Index Hits a 28 Year High Under Obama

Gov. Corbett Signs Highway Designation Bill

Route 23 between the Chester-Montgomery border and Route 100 has a new designation.

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Signs Highway Designation Bill

Trouble Deciding

Democrats are good at blaming others

Pennsylvania Democrats are pointing fingers at Gov. Tom Corbett (in office for just 9 months about Pennsylvania's sorry jobs totals, but the Commonwealth Foundation points out this fact:
Democrats controlled the Pennsylvania House from 2006 to 2010, with Gov. Rendell (a Democrat) in office. During that time, the state lost 137,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate doubled from 4.2 percent to an abysmal 8.5 percent.
Read more here.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to tweet rulings

The nation's oldest appellate court, dating to back 1684, will be using the latest technology, namely Twitter, to announce future rulings.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court to tweet rulings -

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Social Security Recipients to Get 3.6 Percent COLA

Newspaper: Busting The 1% Vs. 99% Myth

Going Down With The Ship

Obama's 'First 1,000 Days' as 'America's CEO' Gets Failing Grade

Morning Joe: If Cain Were a Democrat Media Would Be 'Swooning Over' Him Like They Did Obama

The Haves and the Have-Nots

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Social Security to hand out first raises since 2009

Some good news coming in 2012 for the nation's 55 million Social Security recipients.

Social Security to hand out first raises since 2009 –

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Obama Gets Desperate

Analysis: Pennsylvania Public Schools Racked by Violence

A new report details more than 4,500 acts of violence at 141 public school in Pennsylvania.

Analysis Finds Failing Public Schools Racked by Violence

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2011 Ranking of World's Best Universities

The United States lands 6 of the Top 10 schools, including the University of Pennsylvania.

U.S. News Media Group Releases 2011 Ranking of World's Best Universities


Lack of Reporting System Makes Pennsylvanians with Disabilities Easy Victims for Criminals

Eric Holder's Next Job

Gov. Corbett Announces Confirmations, Nominations, Appointments

Gov. Corbett Proclaims Teen Driver Safety Week

Auto Crashes Leading Cause of Death for American Teens

Even Obama is confused by Obamacare

Wrong Target

Monday, October 17, 2011

Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero Will be Rebuilt

Pittsburgh Among '10 Best Places to Retire'

Poll: Cain 43% - Obama 41%

If the presidential election were held today, Barack Obama would be out of a job.

2012 Presidential Matchups: Cain 43%, Obama 41%

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jenny Brown and Bruce Castor Launch First TV Ad

National Sales Tax, or VAT, Would Stunt Consumer Spending, Slow Recovery

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly GOP Address: House Offers Jobs Plan

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Another Obama Record, Third Straight Year With Trillion Dollar Deficit

Top 10 Obama Scolds

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cain vs Obama - The debate Democrats dread

Media Bias 101

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Postal Service Unveils 2011 Holiday Forever Stamps

Marcellus Shale Panel Discussion Will Address Gov. Corbett's Proposed Impact Fee

Is there anything left for Democrats to tax?

Cain vs. Obama

Nearly 8 in 10 Americans now see country on the wrong track

Poll: Herman Cain now leads GOP pack

Columnist: Harrisburg Goes Bankrupt

Another city run by Democrats goes belly up. Is anyone surprised?

Harrisburg Goes Bankrupt - HUMAN EVENTS

PA Banking Department Announces Quarterly Report on Enforcement Actions

NewsBusted 10/11/11

ProEnglish Blasts New Bilingual Ballot Burden

The Obama Administration has ordered election officials in 25 states to provide bilingual ballots (primarily Spanish) for voters who do not speak English. An advocacy group says this is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

ProEnglish Blasts New Bilingual Ballot Burden

Corbett Appoints 4 to Philadelphia Regional Port Authority

Columnist: Occupiers homeless, aimless, clueless

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holder Must Go

Coalition: Repeal Harmful Durbin Amendment

Bilingual voting ballots ordered in Pennsylvania

Don't speak English? Not a problem when it comes to voting.

The Obama Administration has ordered ballots to be printed in Spanish for those who have no idea which candidates they're supposed to vote for.

Bilingual voting ballots ordered in 25 states including Pa. -

Judicial Watch Sues for Documents in 'Fast and Furious' Gun-Running Operation

You'd think The New York Times or Washington Post would be all over this Obama administration scandal, but the liberal media is working overtime to get Obama re-elected instead of exposing the massive corruption in his administration.

Judicial Watch Sues Department of Justice and ATF for Documents Pertaining to ATF's 'Fast and Furious' Gun-Running Operation

America Remains Most Admired Country Globally

Media Guide to Protesters

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Columnist: Eric Holder's reverse racism strategy

Family lost in corn maze call 911 for help

I laughed out loud when I first saw this story.

Family lost in Mass. corn maze call 911 for help -


Gov. Tom Corbett Unveils Major School Choice Expansions

Commonwealth Foundation Applauds Corbett Education Plan, Urges Action

Obama's BS Plan

PA Catholic Conference Backs Corbett School Choice Plan

Coptic Egyptian Christians in Cairo Massacred

'The Rule of Law under Attack - from Stealth Amnesty to the Fast and Furious Scandal'

Chris Christie Endorses Mitt Romney for President

Gov. Corbett Outlines Agenda for Education Reform

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pink Slip Obama - 2012

SPIN METER: Obama's disconnect in jobs sales pitch

The Associated Press' Erica Werner takes apart Obama's latest convoluted message on jobs, focusing on Obama's version of reality, which has nothing to do with reality.

Bottom line? It's not about jobs, an area where Obama has failed miserably during the past three years, it's about setting up his re-election campaign for 2012. The nation's tens of millions of unemployed are mere pawns in Obama's game.

From Werner's article:
The disconnect between what Obama says about his jobs bill and what stands as the political reality flow from his broader aim: to rally the public behind his cause and get Congress to act, or, if not, to pin blame on Republicans.

He is waging a campaign, one in which nuance and context and competing responses don't always fit in if they don't help make the case.
SPIN METER: Obama's disconnect in jobs sales pitch |

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Dollar coins piling up

Another classic example of government waste. A 2005 law forces the U.S. Mint to continue to produce new dollar coins even though the public refuses to use them. So the government just stores them. It's a vicious cycle of wasting your tax dollars.

Dollar coins piling up at Baltimore reserve bank


Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum Top Values Voter Summit Straw Poll

Rep. Joe Pitts: Struggling against the tide of regulations

Thank your banker

Columnist: Americans are hungry for Herman Cain's brand of leadership

Sunday, October 9, 2011

State pensions tip of the iceberg for area reps' benefits

The political aristocracy, both Democrats and Republicans, continues to feast at the expense of taxpayers, who are struggling for table scraps.

State pensions tip of the iceberg for area reps' benefits -


Columnist: Solargate just the tip of the iceberg

Was John Lennon a conservative?

Taxpayers financed Justice official's romantic travel

Another Obama Administration scandal the liberal media is ignoring.

Taxpayers financed Justice official's romantic travel - Washington Times

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America's Real Obesity Problem

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Media Bias

The Associated Press hammered George W. Bush for running up big deficits, but gives Barack Obama a free pass after The Chosen One has run up $4 trillion in debt in just three years.

AP Unbylined Report on CBO's Fiscal 2011 Deficit Estimate Avoids All the Big Messy Numbers |

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DiGiorgio new Chester County GOP chairman

Chester County Controller Val DiGiorgio was elected chairman of the Republican Committee of Chester County Republicans on Saturday.

DiGiorgio defeated GOP Committeeman John Emmons by a 268-89 margin during a party gathering at West Chester East High School. Emmons is a tea party activist and co-founder of Emmons co-founded the Coalition for Advancing Freedom.

DiGeorgio replaces Joseph 'Skip' Brion, who resigned after 10 years as chairman to take a position with the Corbett administration.

Read more at the link below:

DiGiorgio elected Republican county chairman Saturday -

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Top 10 Looniest Liberals

Weekly GOP Address: Obama Has Made Things Worse

Obama's Dismal Record on Jobs

From an Associated Press article on the September jobs picture:
There are 14 million people counted as unemployed in the United States. An additional 9.3 million are working part time and would rather work full time. And 2.5 million more have simply given up looking for a job.
That's $25.8 million people with no hope as long as Obama occupies the White House!!!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama Adds $4 Trillion to U.S. Debt

Obama deficit in 2009: $1.4 trillion

Obama deficit in 2010: $1.3 trillion

Obama deficit in 2011: $1.3 trillion

Total: $4 trillion in new debt in just 3 years.

We can't afford Obama anymore.

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NewsBusted 10/7/11


Arizona sheriffs blast Obama gun-smuggling operation

This is one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history, but the state-run Obama media is helping cover it up.

Arizona sheriffs blast gun-smuggling operation - Nation Wires -

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Poll: Retirement Security Concerns Rise

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Media Bias

U.S. Underemployment Stands At 18.3%

While the official unemployment rate stands at 9.1 percent, things are much worse for workers under the failed Obama presidency.

Hope and change will come once Obama is out of the White House.

U.S. Underemployment Declines Slightly in September

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Dick Morris: What Motivates Obama?

PA Democrats Avoiding Obama?

Small Business Owners: No Confidence in Ob ama Policies

Fox News Turns 15 Today

On this day in 1996, Fox News went on the air for the first time, offering an alternative to the liberal-dominated media.

Today, Fox is the dominant force in cable news.

Fox News will have a one-hour retrospective of its first 15 years tonight at 10.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ron Paul Says Obama Should Be Impeached

"We have crossed that barrier from republic to dictatorship" under Barack Obama, says Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who is seeking the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

Ron Paul Says Obama Should Be Impeached For Al-Qaida Killing - Naureen Khan -

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Commonwealth Foundation Slams PLCB Program Ploy

This is a perfect example of why government should not be in the liquor business.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced today it is handing out $1 million in grants (taxpayer money) to support alcohol education programs targeting underage drinking.

The very same liquor board spends $10 million a year in advertising and marketing campaigns to promote liquor consumption in Pennsylvania.

Commonwealth Foundation Slams PLCB Program Ploy

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PA Announces Disciplinary Actions Against 73 Licensed Professionals

Columnist: Obama disconnected from reality

Thumbs Down

U.S. Immigrant Population at Record 40 Million

The nation's immigrant population (legal and illegal) has doubled since 1990, nearly tripled since 1980, and quadrupled since 1970 when it stood at 9.7 million, according to a new report.

Immigrant Population at Record 40 Million in 2010


Mental Illness Rates By State Highlighted in New Report

Surprisingly, Pennsylvania is not among the states reporting high rates of mental illness.

Mental Illness Rates By State Highlighted in New Report


PA Game Commission 2012 Calendar on Sale

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Obama Camp Tries to Blame GOP After Harry Reid Blocks Jobs Bill

Last time I checked, Democrats held the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Obama Campaign Says GOP Blocking Jobs Bill - After Reid Blocks Jobs Bill | The Weekly Standard

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Poll: Obama trails Mitt Romney

You know things are going bad when you trail a guy who many not even get the Republican nomination to run against you for president.

Obama trails Mitt Romney in new Quinnipiac poll

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The Political Aristocracy in Pennsylvania

D'oh! Salary dispute could end 'The Simpsons'

Say it ain't so, Homer.

After 20 years on the air, the show that made the Fox Network may be coming to an end?

'The Simpsons' could become a victim of declining ratings and greedy voice actors.

From The Los Angeles Times:
This season, "The Simpsons" has averaged 7.1 million viewers. That is a drop of nearly 19% from five years ago, when the show averaged 8.7 million viewers. In the coveted category of viewers ages 18 to 49, ratings for "The Simpsons" have fallen 17%.

Most shows experience ratings declines as they age. The conundrum is that production costs rise at the same time because producers and actors typically get big raises the longer a program stays on the air.
Read the full story at the link below:

Salary dispute could end 'The Simpsons'

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Gov. Corbett Signs Bills into Law

Rep. Gerlach to host free trade forum

Congressman Jim Gerlach, R-PA 6th Dist., is partnering with state and federal agencies to provide information about international trade to local employers.

Gerlach will be holding a Free Trade Agreement Forum for local businesses on Friday to provide information about the resources available for employers interested in selling their American-made products overseas.

Here are the details:
WHAT: Chester County Economic Development Council
WHEN: Registration and light refreshments will be served at 8:00 A.M. The program will begin at 8:30 A.M. and end at 12 noon.
WHERE: Chester County Economic Development Council, 737 Constitution Drive, Exton PA 19341
From a press release issued by Gerlach:
President Obama this week sent free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia to Congress for ratification. These free trade pacts are expected to create new opportunities and new jobs for local companies by lifting tariffs and other barriers imposed on U.S. goods.

The Small Business Administration, Export-Import Bank, U.S. Commercial Service, World Trade Center Philadelphia, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development will discuss the array of resources available to companies. Two local businesses – Allied Wire & Cable of Collegeville and Analytical Graphics Inc. of Exton -- also will share tips on how they have succeeded in international trade.

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Those Classy Obama Supporters

Job Cuts Reach Two-Year High

And who's been president for the past two years?

Job Cuts Reach Two-Year High - HUMAN EVENTS


October 8th is Pierogy Day in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pennsylvania Slot Machine Revenue Up 7.4% in September

Democrats Tax the Poor With the 'Durbin Fee'

How about those Democrats, coming up with another way to take money from regular folks to help enrich their banker friends?

Democrats Tax the Poor With the 'Durbin Fee' - HUMAN EVENTS

Cripple America

State Police: Crimes Reported in PA Drop 2.6 Percent From Previous Year

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pennsylvania Tax Revenues Falling Behind

Remember when Democrats were clamoring for Pennsylvania to spend the "surplus" it finished the 2010-11 fiscal year with? That was just a few months ago.

Now the state is running a projected deficit of $215 million.

That's the problem with Democrats. They want to spend every penny that comes in.

Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue reported Monday that tax collections for the month of September came in $152 million less than projected.

For the current fiscal year that began July 1, tax collections are $215 million below projections.

Pennsylvania Revenue Department Releases September Collections

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Pennsylvania Receives $1.7 Million Federal Grant to Increase Small Business Exports

Slight revision

Gov. Corbett Plans to Implement Key Recommendations of Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission

Deadline to Register to Vote in November Election is Oct. 11

October is 'Cyber Security Awareness Month'

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekly Republican Address: Government regulations that cost private-sector jobs


What do coroners in Pennsylvania have to hide?

From a recent editorial in The Mercury about attempts to exempt certain coroner records from public scrutiny:
THORNS to the state Senate for considering eliminating public access to coroner records, a move that would set back progress toward open records in Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 961 would eliminate public access to virtually all coroner records. Instead of a full report on the cause of a suspicious death released in a timely fashion, it would require only the release of the name, cause and manner of death and even then it would become public only 30 days after the calendar year in which a death occurs. The coroner's office plays an important role for the public and the criminal justice system by providing an independent and timely investigation into deaths of questionable circumstances such as homicides, suicides, accidental and often sudden and unexplained deaths. There is no question that everyone involved in the process of someone's death, including the media, needs to be sensitive, but complete information about suspicious deaths is critical. This is a bill that should not move forward.

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News coverage helps nail alleged child molester

Top 10 Inconvenient Truths About Al Gore