Saturday, June 30, 2012

House OKs Quigley Plan to Study Property Tax Reform

In the last-minute flurry before adjourning for the summer, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved a resolution by State Rep. Tom Quigley to set up a committee to study property tax reform. It's not the same as approving HB 1776 to eliminate school property taxes, but at least the issue will be kept alive in Harrisburg.

PA State Rep. Tom Quigley - House Approves Quigley Plan to Study Property Tax Solution

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Gov. Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Again

Kudos to NJ Gov. Chris Christie for refusing to send taxpayer dollars to abortion-on-demand Planned Parenthood.

Chris Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Again |

Turns out Obama IS a Big Fat Liar

Stop The Presses! Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorses All-Democratic Slate

Who could have predicted this one?

Big Labor is backing EVERY Democratic candidate for Congress from Pennsylvania this November as well as the three Democratic candidates seeking statewide races and all 13 Democrats seeking state Senate seats.

Before you get too flustered, there's only 5 Democratic members of the House of Representatives left in Pennsylvania after the shellacking the Dems took in 2010. And then there's Obama lapdog Bob Casey Jr. seeking re-election to the U.S. Senate. His opponent, Tom Smith, is a former Democrat, but I guess he wasn't liberal enough for the union endorsement.

There's a handful of Republican state House members on the AFL-CIO endorsement list, but there's more than 200 open House seats and I suspect most of the Republicans who are receiving Big Labor's backing are running unopposed. If they're not running unopposed, what does that say about their Democratic opponents?

Check out the full list of endorsements below:

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Endorsements in November General Election

State Rep. Jim Cox: Bill Naming Road in Honor of Deputy Pagerly Signed into Law

Top 10 Obama power grabs

Weekly GOP Address: Obamacare Must Be Repealed

Friday, June 29, 2012

Gov. Corbett Signs 4 Bills into Law

PA Energy Alliance Applauds Lawmakers For Support Of House Resolution On Used Nuclear Fuel

NewsBusted 6/29/12

Columnist: Obamacare just another job-killing tax bill

PA University Leaders Thank Gov. Corbett for Restored Education Funding

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamatax on the middle class

Liberty Institute: 'U.S. Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling Is Wrong!'

Catholic Vote Critical in Quest to Repeal Obamacare

Constitution Flatlines, Dooming Young People To Bankruptcy

Bishops: Court decision does not address fundamental flaws in Obamacare

A Split Decision: Ripping Up the Constitution

Second Amendment Advocacy Group: 'Contempt Vote Against Holder Was Necessary For Justice'

The silver lining? Now Obama owns his tax hikes

Obama's Idea of Transparency

Richard Viguerie: Supreme Court Changes Tea Party 2010 Wave into Typhoon in 2012

Doctors' Group: Supreme Court Decision Supports Lies, Corruption

Rep. Cantor: House Will Vote To Repeal ObamaCare On July 11

Gov. Corbett: PA loses big under Obamacare

PennDOT, Police to Partner for Fourth of July DUI Enforcement

In 255-67 vote, House places Holder in contempt of Congress

Doctors: Obamacare Ruling a Disaster in Slow Motion

So Much For Obama's Pledge On Taxes

Romney raises over $1M off health care ruling

Turns Out Obama Raised Everybody's Taxes

Romney reacts: America must choose Obama's path, or the Founder's path

Obamacare mandate ruled a tax

Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class, but Obamacare is a $1.7 trillion tax increase on the middle class. How can anyone support a habitual liar?

Obamacare mandate ruled a tax

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly GOP Address: Obamacare Has Made Things Worse

Rep. Pitts: American people deserve answers on Fast and Furious

Pa. teachers could be rated based on test scores

Top 10 labor union woes

65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pa. Gov. Corbett Signs 6 Bills Into Law

Poll: Views shift little after Obama backs gay marriage

Obama tried pandering to women ... with little success.

Obama tried pandering to gays ... with little success.

Obama tried pandering to Latinos ... with little success.

What gimmick will he try next to avoid talking about his failed presidency?

Views shift little after Obama backs gay marriage

Big Deal

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gov. Corbett: Petrochemical Complex Could Bring 20,000 Jobs to PA

Professor: Convicted Killers Often Live a Life of Leisure in U.S.

State-by-State Ranking of Car Repair Costs

What is executive privilege?

Executive privilege is never mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. It's a power presidents have given themselves.

What is executive privilege?

40 Years Later ...

Insiders: High court will strike down Obamacare

House panel holds Attorney General Holder in contempt

Let's get a vote in the full House of Representatives on the contempt charges and get every Democrat on record as supporting the Obama White House coverup in the killing of a U.S. border patrol agent.

House panel holds Attorney General Holder in contempt

Columnist: Obama suffers amnesia about first year as president

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Status Quo Wins Again

 NEWS ITEM: Opposition by labor unions and special interest groups derails plan to end Pennsylvania's government liquor monopoly.


The Big Downgrade: Federal Reserve slashes 2012 economic forecast

It’s Not a Welfare State, It’s a Special Interest State

PA National Guard to Host Hiring Expo for Service Members, Veterans

From 'Hope' to Hypocrisy: The Senator Who Became A Sellout

Obama: 'Fast and Furious' documents are privileged

Obama refuses to release documents that may tie him directly to the "Fast and Furious" scandal. Sounds like Watergate all over again, but where is the liberal media?

Obama team: 'Fast and Furious' documents are privileged

Auditor General: Fixing PA's Charter School Formula Could Save $365M

Gov. Corbett Announces Confirmations, Nominations

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the road again ....

Pennsylvania Reminds Dog Owners of License Requirement

Andrea Mitchell to address faked Romney 'WaWa' clip

The corrupt liberal media is so desperate to get Obama re-elected, they are now making fake video clips to try to discredit Mitt Romney.

Andrea Mitchell to address 'WaWa' clip

Report: Secret Service 'Animal House' on Martha's Vineyard

Obama slams Romney over heckling

Some would call it free speech, but thin-skinned Obama doesn't like anyone who doesn't agree with him.

Obama slams Romney over heckling

U.S. Could Be Next

Dollar General Distribution Center to Locate in Berks County, Create 500 New Jobs

Monday, June 18, 2012

John Kerry to play Mitt Romney during Obama's debate prep

"I'm John Kerry and I am reporting for duty!"

Kerry to play Romney during Obama's debate prep

Obama plays 100th round of golf as president

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Time for Turkey to leave Cyprus

An excellent op-ed by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., about the long-running and illegal military occupation of Cyprus by Turkey.

Time for Turkey to leave Cyprus in peace - Washington Times

Live by the property tax, die by the property tax

Opponents of efforts to reform Pennsylvania's antiquated school property tax system are running out of excuses.

Holding a gun to property owners' heads to force them to pay property taxes may work ... until the economy sours, which it has for the past 5 years, and then the property owners seek relief from the courts.

From a story by Michael Rellahan of the West Chester Daily Local News:
WEST CHESTER – Chester County Common Pleas Senior Judge Thomas Gavin has ruled in favor of the Exton Square Mall in its appeal of its 2010-2011 property tax assessment, meaning a possible long-term loss of revenue for the West Chester Area School District, among others, which had argued against the appeal.

Gavin, in a ruling made Friday, agreed with the mall’s real estate appraiser that the assessed value of the 39-year-old regional mall was $52.6 million, far below either the Chester County Board of Assessment’s value of $62.5 million and the school district’s expert’s calculation of $62.3 million.
So where is the West Chester School District going to make up the lost tax revenues? 

Eliminating school property taxes and substituting a combination of sales taxes/income taxes is the only way to fund public education.

That's why it's distressing that Pennsylvania legislators have tabled House Bill 1776.

Doing 'Fine'

Number of Police Pursuits in Pennsylvania Rose Slightly in 2011

PA Table Games Revenue figures for May

Pennsylvania Prosecutes 10 for Welfare Fraud

Pennsylvania to Implement New Law Licensing Abortion Facilities

New Romney Ad: Our Time

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney 338, Obama 200?

One pundit's scenario for a Romney landslide this November. And before you dismiss it, keep in mind we're talking about Michael Barone, one of the leading experts on American politics alive today.

Romney 338, Obama 200?

Looking backward: The nostalgia economics of Barack Obama

Obama's deportation distraction

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gov. Scott Walker Delivers Weekly GOP Address

Top 10 reasons to be concerned about China

Friday, June 15, 2012

PA Protects Nearly 2,400 Acres of Prime Farmland

More White House Leaks

Thorns to Pa. lawmakers who blocked property tax reform

From The Mercury's editorial page:
THORNS to the legislators who voted against moving House Bill 1776 out of committee. This property tax reform measure died without even getting to the full state House of Representatives for review. Legislators who voted against moving the bill forward were: Democrats Kevin Boyle, Tim Briggs, Margo Davidson, Madeleine Dean, and Republicans Kerry Benninghoff, Gordon Delinger, G. Dunbar, Eli Evankovich, Fred Keller, Duane Milne, Michael Peifer, Kathy Rapp, and Mario Scavello. 
Voters can send a similar message in November.

Pennsylvania Republicans: Obama's EPA Declared War on Coal

Chicago hedge fund manager switches support to Romney

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Newspaper: Paterno's will is a public matter

A judge in the State College area has sealed Joe Paterno's will despite numerous court rulings that have determined wills are a matter of public record. Several years ago, Penn State and the Paterno family fought in court to keep Paterno's salary a secret even though he was paid with taxpayer dollars. A court finally ruled that his salary is public record. So is Paterno's will.

Paterno's will is a public matter - Opinion - Citizens Voice

'Doing fine' by Obama standards

Pennsylvania Urges Public to Report Elder Abuse, Neglect

PA Cyber Charter School graduates nearly 1,300

Columnist: Pennsylvania has too many school districts

Here's a quick way to save a few million dollars. Trip the 500 school superintendents in Pennsylvania making between $100,000 and $200,000 a year down to about 40.

Columnist Paul Golias: We don't need 500 school systems. The administrative overkill is phenomenal. Luzerne County could function well as one school district. Public education in Pennsylvania likely could work with 40 districts. Smaller, rural-type counties could be tied together.

Trim down number of school districts - News - Citizens Voice

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

State Rep. Warren Kampf Introduces Pension Reform Legislation

Pennsylvania Historical Markers Now Accessible on Smartphones

Gov. Corbett Signs 11 Bills Into Law

Obama's Nose Keeps Growing

Pennsylvania Explores Privatizing Lottery

Dem pollsters: Obama may face 'impossible headwind'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama's formula for more economic growth? More government

The first rule of holes: When you're in a hole, stop digging. Obama has been digging a deeper hole for the past four years.

Obama's formula for more economic growth? More government

Demand Answers on 'Fast and Furious' Scandal

Miles Davis and Edith Piaf Stamps on Sale Today

Poll: Pa. voters favor new photo ID law by 2-1 margin

Whose side is Bill Clinton on?

Pa. Announces Disciplinary Actions Against 181 Licensed Professionals, Organizations

AHI Applauds Resolution Calling on Turkey to Reopen Halki Theological School

Monday, June 11, 2012

13 Pa. legislators who killed property tax reform

The Pennsylvania House Finance Committee voted 13-11 on Monday to table a vote to send House Bill 1776 (the Property Tax Independence Act) to the full House for a vote to eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania.

The vote effectively ends any hope of getting property tax reform in Pennsylvania this year.

Here are the names of the 13 state legislators (9 Republicans and 4 Democrats) who voted for the status quo and denied relief from burdensome school taxes for Pennsylvania taxpayers, especially senior citizens:

Kerry A. Benninghoff (R-Centre/Mifflin), Kevin J. Boyle (D-Philadelphia), Tim Briggs (D-Montgomery), Margo L. Davidson (D-Delaware), Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery), Gordon Denlinger (R-Lancaster), George Dunbar (R-Westmoreland), Eli Evankovich (R-Armstrong/Westmoreland), Fred Keller (R-Snyder/Union), Duane Milne (R-Chester), Michael Peifer (R-Monroe/Pike/Wayne), Kathy L. Rapp (R-Forest/Mckean/Warren County) and Mario M. Scavello (R-Monroe).

All 13 of the lawmakers above are up for re-election this November. Make your voice heard and remove the professional politicians who continue to block property tax reform.

Rep. Jim Cox, R-Berks, the primary sponsor of House Bill 1776, says he's not giving up the fight, but chances of HB 1776 reaching the House floor are dwindling as the lawmakers prepare to take their annual 2-month vacation.

"I’m not going to let it rest," Cox told the PA Independent news service after the vote. "It’s not an issue that I can think can rest on any level. I think we’ve got to continue to move it forward."

Taxpayers Get Clipped

Gov. Corbett Praises Bipartisan Effort to Secure Funding for Delaware River Dredging

Pennsylvania Reminds Families of Free Summer Meal Program

Romney coming to Pennsylvania June 16

From the Romney for President Campaign:
 Mitt Romney will meet with America’s families and business owners in small towns in six states as part of his “Every Town Counts” five-day bus tour. The “Every Town Counts” bus tour will begin in New Hampshire on June 15 and will continue on to small towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.

"For three and a half years, President Obama has paid little attention to the everyday concerns of the American people,” Mitt Romney said. “President Obama has offered no hope for the future, and he has left American families to bear the burden of his failed policies. Too many American families have experienced a lost job, faced foreclosure, or been forced to spend their kids' college savings just to make ends meet. These are not statistics – these are our fellow Americans. In America’s small towns, you don't find despair -- you find boundless optimism. We know we can make America better, and that is why I am running for president."

Believe In America: Every Town Counts Bus Tour Outline

·         Friday, June 15 – New Hampshire

·         Saturday, June 16 – Pennsylvania 

·         Sunday, June 17 – Ohio

·         Monday, June 18 – Wisconsin and Iowa

·         Tuesday, June 19 – Michigan

More details will be announced in the coming days.

Obama Fairy Tales

Taxpayers need protection - from elected officials

The permanent political class continues to fleece taxpayers. Send them a message this November.

Opinion: Taxpayers need protection from elected officials

Obama campaign still in damage-control mode

The Obama campaign still has not recovered from the president's idiotic comment Friday that the private sector is "doing fine" under his economic policies. It's a glaring admission that Obama has not clue how much working Americans are suffering.

First Thoughts: The bleeding doesn’t stop

New Romney Ad: 'Jolt'

Romney hits back at Obama's private sector comments

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Principal refuses to let kindergarten students sing 'God Bless the USA' at graduation

Ed Rendell continues to haunt Pennsylvania taxpayers

He's been out of office for a year-and-a-half, but former Pa. Gov. Ed Rendell continues to put the screws to Pennsylvania taxpayers with his idiotic Act 1, which was supposed to curb school property tax increase. Not only has it failed to do that, but it's handcuffed school boards, actually forcing them to raise taxes more than they normally would. Heckavu job, Fast Eddie.

Act 1 creates need for schools to raise taxes

Romney: Do You Feel 'Fine?'

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obama State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports

Since most violations are directed toward Christians, Obama doesn't feel it's important enough to document.

State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports |

Columnist: When did free speech become illegal?

Obama gets grief for saying private sector 'fine'

Obama's political cronies and his 1% pals are doing fine, but most Americans are hurting under his failed economic policies.

Obama gets grief for saying private sector 'fine'

Weekly GOP Address: House repeals another Obama job-killing measure

Top 10 Joe Bidenisms, Part 2

WI, CA voters send a message to Big Government

Friday, June 8, 2012

Can't Drink That

Thousands rally against Obamacare contraceptive mandate

Ed Rendell: 'I'm Not Sure' If Obama Is Going To Win

Democrats are deserting a sinking ship.

Ed Rendell: 'I'm Not Sure' If Obama Is Going To Win

Obama is wrong. The private sector isn't 'doing fine'

New Romney Ad: Strong Leadership

Race between Obama, Romney tightens in 12 key swing states

Rick Santorum forms group to rally conservatives

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jeb Bush Endorses Connie Mack For U.S. Senate

CDC Survey Shows U.S. High School Smoking Rate Fell to New Low

No Hope, No Change

Attorney General Holder, GOP clash on 'Fast and Furious'

Gov. Corbett Hails Passage of Unemployment Compensation Reform

Columnist: Teachers' unions losing the PR battle

Hitler finds out that Scott Walker won the Wisconsin recall election

Big Labor's Other Disaster: California

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus, Miss USA Get More TV Time Than Wisconsin Recall

Liberal media bias is alive and well. When the news doesn't fit the mainstream media's agenda, it decides not to cover it. The biggest story is the nation today is the victory by Gov. Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election, but you wouldn't know it from network TV coverage.

Miley Cyrus, Miss USA Get More Time Than Wisconsin Recall on Big Three |

Woman slaps Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the face after he concedes loss to Gov. Walker

Wisconsin Winners and Losers

Tuesday's big winners in the Wisconsin recall election:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch

Wisconsin Taxpayers

The Republican National Committee

Mitt Romney

Tuesday's big losers in the Wisconsin recall election:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett  (Walker's union-backed opponent)

Firefighters Union leader Mahlon Mitchell (Kleefisch's opponent)

Big Labor

The Democratic National Committee

Barack Obama

William Jefferson Clinton (who campaigned in Wisconsin while Obama was MIA)

Your Daily Dose of Liberal Hypocrisy

Richard Viguerie: Scott Walker is the Conservative Movement's New Leader

Obama's Latest Strategy

Study Finds 36% Increase in Prison Time Served

3 Pennsylvania State Parks to Host 'Get Outdoors Day' Events

PA Announces Voter ID Education Partnership with PA Library Association

Liberals Try To Spin Defeat in Wisconsin

Mitt Romney: Walker Victory Will Echo Beyond Wisconsin

Mitt Romney issued the following statement on Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the Tuesday's Wisconsin recall election:
"I congratulate Scott Walker on his victory in Wisconsin. Governor Walker has demonstrated over the past year what sound fiscal policies can do to turn an economy around, and I believe that in November voters across the country will demonstrate that they want the same in Washington, D.C. Tonight’s results will echo beyond the borders of Wisconsin. Governor Walker has shown that citizens and taxpayers can fight back – and prevail – against the runaway government costs imposed by labor bosses. Tonight voters said ‘no’ to the tired, liberal ideas of yesterday, and 'yes' to fiscal responsibility and a new direction. I look forward to working with Governor Walker to help build a better, brighter future for all Americans."

There's no crying in politics

Walker victory a tipping point in public sector union pension reform

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch survives recall

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pa. farmers support Property Tax Independence Act

The Obama Legacy of Failure

Now the CIA joins the Obama retreat from Iraq

Facebook and the Importance of Being Unimportant

What masses?

Research Finds Welfare Providers Getting Rich off Poor

Monday, June 4, 2012

House Finance Committee Schedules Vote on Property Tax Independence Act

The House Finance Committee has scheduled a vote on June 11 on HB 1776 to eliminate school property taxes in Pennsylvania. However, special interest groups are pressing lawmakers. It's time for taxpayers to be heard. Demand support for eliminating property taxes.

State Rep. Jim Cox - House Finance Committee Holds Hearing, Schedules Vote on Property Tax Independence Act

Did the stimulus create as much growth as Obama predicted? Not even close

Youth unemployment rate under Obama tops 16%

Attorney: Requests for Facebook Password Ignite Risky Legal Woes

Editorial: Eliminate PA school property tax

The Citizens-Voice in Luzerne County is the latest Pennsylvania newspaper calling for the elimination of school property taxes in Pennsylvania, joining The Pottstown Mercury, Norristown Times Herald, Lansdale Reporter, West Chester Daily Local News and Delaware County Daily Times. Keep the pressure on Gov. Corbett and the Legislature to pass House Bill 1776.

Eliminate school property tax - Citizens Voice

Pennsylvania Slots Revenue Figures Released For May

Aftermath of Edwards' Trial

Dems downplay the impact of a Walker win

The Wisconsin recall election could be devastating to the Obama re-election campaign. If Gov. Walker survives the effort by Big Labor to oust him, Wisconsin could go for Romney in November. Obama is running out of states.

Dems downplay the impact of a Walker win

PA Website Offers New Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps

A grim jobs report for America

Larry Kudlow: You would think $1 trillion in spending stimulus and $2.5 trillion of Fed pump-priming would produce an economy a whole lot stronger than 1.9 percent gross domestic product, which was the revised first-quarter number. And you’d think all that government spending would deliver a whole lot more jobs than 69,000 in May.

A grim jobs report for America

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekly GOP Address: Obama delivers 'fear and envy'

Top 10 class warfare attacks by President Obama

The economy and Obama's 'grumpy voter' problem

Friday, June 1, 2012

766,000 More Women Unemployed Today Than When Obama Took Office

New Romney Ad: 'A Better Day'

Public Hearings Set on State Plan on Aging

Report Details Slot Machine Revenue on PA's Horse Racing Industry

Two Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Receive Highest Award