Friday, July 30, 2010

End free ride for PA Turnpike wokers?

Who says there's no such thing as a free ride?

Some 2,100 Pennsylvania Turnpike employees ride the toll road for free, even when they're on vacation, according to published reports.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to end the perk.

"Were going to have make some changes on that, whether they like it or not," Senate Transportation Committee Chairman John Rafferty, R-Chester County, told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The free rides are especially galling while the state faces a fiscal crisis.

"I think that's part of the problem with our agency heads," Rafferty said. "Over the years, they've become so insulated that they don't realize that the public does not want that type of use or misuse."

Read the full story at the newspaper's website.

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ObamaCare May Bankrupt Your Local Hospital

Tony Phyrillas on WCHE 1520 AM in West Chester

Tony Phyrillas will be the guest on Life Unedited with John Aberle Saturday from 11 a.m.-noon on WCHE 1520 AM in West Chester.

Topics of discussion will be the Tea Party movement, immigration, Barack Obama's falling job-approval numbers, the November midterm elections, property tax relief and ongoing corruption in Harrisburg.

You can call the station with questions or comments at 610-701-WCHE (9243)

If you can't pick up the radio station's signal, Aberle's program is simulcast live online at


PA Lottery Shows $915M Profit on $3B Sales

Time to drain the swamp

The Obama recession continues

Big Fish

Memo outlines Obama backdoor 'amnesty' plan

The Obama Administration is working on an underhanded way to grant amnesty to 12 million illegals, bypassing Congress and the will of the American people. Obama has to be stopped in November by voting out every Democrat in Congress or you'll never recognize this country again.

From The Washington Times:
With Congress gridlocked on an immigration bill, the Obama administration is considering using a back door to stop deporting many illegal immigrants - what a draft government memo said could be "a non-legislative version of amnesty."

The memo, addressed to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas and written by four agency staffers, lists tools it says the administration has to "reduce the threat of removal" for many illegal immigrants who have run afoul of immigration authorities.

"In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform, USCIS can extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations, exercising discretion with regard to parole-in-place, deferred action and the issuance of Notices to Appear," the staffers wrote in the memo, which was obtained by Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican.

The memo suggests that in-depth discussions have occurred on how to keep many illegal immigrants in the country, which would be at least a temporary alternative to the proposals Democrats in Congress have made to legalize illegal immigrants.
Read the full story at the newspaper's website.

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FRC Action and Pro-Life Coalition Urge the FDA to Reject New Abortion-Causing Drug

Why presidential elections matter

People often say to me it doesn't matter who they vote for. In the end, all politicians are the same. They couldn't be more wrong.

One of the reasons electing the right president matters is the appointment of federal judges.

Judge Susan Bolton, who struck down key provisions of Arizona's new immigration law, was appointed by Bill Clinton in 2000.

Ten years later, long after Bill Clinton is gone, the liberal judge is still doing damage to the nation by ignoring the Constitution. And with a lifetime appointment, activist judges like Bolton can continue to do harm for decades.

Read more about Bolton in this column by Ben Shapiro at

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Amnesty Won't Work: Secure Our Borders

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress?

Beware of the Feds

National Night Out is Aug. 3

Dems Declare War on Tea Parties

When you can't defend your own record of runaway spending, higher taxes and government takeover of health care, you go on the attack and smear your opponents. That's the strategy the Democratic Party is developing for November.

From a story in The Washington Post by Philip Rucker:
Democratic leaders unveiled a plan Wednesday to link the Republican Party to some of the most extreme elements of the "tea party" movement, seeking to define all GOP candidates as outside the mainstream by highlighting such tea party talking points as ending Medicare and privatizing Social Security.

With lawmakers preparing to head home to their districts to campaign during the August recess, Democratic leaders sought to demonstrate that all Republicans are cut from the same cloth as such tea party favorites as Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle and Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Timothy M. Kaine, flanked by a half-dozen House members, released "The Republican Tea Party Contract on America," a 10-point list created by the DNC that Kaine warned would become the Republican agenda if the GOP were to return to power after the November midterm elections.
Read the full story here.

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State Secrets

SB 1070 Decision Sets Stage for Appeal

One of the reasons electing the right president matters is the appointment of federal judges. The judge who struck down key provisions of Arizona's new immigration law was appointed by Bill Clinton in 2000. Ten years later, long after Bill Clinton is gone, the judge can still do damage to the nation.

SB 1070 Decision Sets Stage for Appeal

New Book Exposes Obama's Plans to Destroy American Sovereignty

Many Americans Still Confused About Obamacare

Top Democrat facing corruption trial: 'Everybody does it'

See related editorial, "Legislative corruption: The frayed thread," at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website.

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Catch me on the radio Saturday

Tony Phyrillas will be the guest on "Life Unedited" with John Aberle Saturday from 11 a.m.-noon on WCHE 1520 AM in West Chester.

Topics of discussion will be the Tea Party movement, Barack Obama's falling job-approval numbers, the November midterm elections, property tax relief and ongoing corruption in Harrisburg.

You can call the station with questions or comments at 610-701-WCHE (9243)

If you can't pick up the radio station's signal, Aberle's program is simulcast live online at

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Columnist: Surge in PA corruption hasn't yet reached critical mass

Brad Bumsted, who covers state government for The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, wonders how much more evidence of Harrisburg corruption the voters of Pennsylvania are willing to tolerate.

Almost 30 Legislative leaders and staffers are behind bars or facing trial in the Bonusgate corruption scandal and new charges are being filed.

From Bumsted's column:
For years, the practice in Harrisburg on both sides of the aisle has been to use the ever-expanding legislative staff to raise money, knock on doors, stuff envelopes and do "opposition research" (read: dig up dirt) on lawmakers' opponents.

The lines were blurred to such an extent that witness after witness in other cases -- against former House Speaker John Perzel, R-Philadelphia, and former House Democratic Whip Mike Veon, a Beaver Falls Democrat -- alleged that they spent portions of their daytime hours doing campaign work for their bosses.

Veon now is a resident of Laurel Highlands State Correctional Institution, where he'll spend at least six years. Perzel and nine other Republicans face trial, which is expected to begin in February 2011 in Dauphin County Court.

The surge in corruption cases, at least in the public's mind, hasn't yet reached critical mass. It will unfortunately take more charges before the public demands a complete and thorough overhaul of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Legislators have used state tax money as their own, creating an Incumbency Protection Program that has perverted representative government and robbed Pennsylvanians of fair elections.
Read the full column, "When will enough be enough?" here.

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'Pennsylvania Guys' Video Goes Viral

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

FRC Action: Senate's Rejection of DISCLOSE Act is a Victory for Free Speech Rights

Scouting Gets First-Class Stamp of Approval

The rich are different than you and me

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) seemed to grow frustrated by continuing questions of whether he paid the proper taxes on his $7 million yacht.

"There is nothing more to say about it," Kerry curtly told a gaggle of Massachusetts reporters as he tried to get into a car Monday. A video of the interaction was posted online by Boston-area WBZ-TV.

The yacht became a local issue over the weekend after the Boston Herald reported on Friday that Kerry was docking his new family boat in Rhode Island, thus avoiding nearly $500,000 in Massachusetts taxes.

If Kerry were to move the yacht's to Massachusetts within six months of its purchase, the state would assume it was bought for in-state use and tax it accordingly. If the boat were to remain in Rhode Island, however, Kerry would not be required to pay Massachusetts taxes.
Read the full post at the link below:

Kerry irritated by yacht questions - Andy Barr -

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The Promised Land

Auditor General Jack Wagner Proposes Reforms for Delaware River Port Authority

Fred Thompson Launches National Petition Effort to Renew Tax Cuts

Obama officials throw lavish parties at taxpayer expense

While millions of American families are struggling to put food on the table, the Obama Administration is throwing lavish parties for government officials, according to a government report.

Connie Hair of reports:
From a Government Accountability Office (GAO) Executive Summary:
Americans woke up to news of a car bomb in New York‘s Times Square and a national debt surpassing $13 trillion in May.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) was preparing for a “Fun Day” celebration in Texas, a luau in Tennessee, and other parties and fun activities across the country.

With our nation facing the heightened threats of domestic terrorism and unprecedented debt and financial challenges, taxpayers should be shocked to learn DOJ crime prevention grant programs are paying for parties and rollercoaster rides for children rather than focusing on investigating crimes, locating and prosecuting terrorists, and administering justice.

This report, “Party at the DOJ,” examines a number of recent recreational activities funded by DOJ and a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) review that found DOJ does not track the amount spent on recreational activities or the outcomes associated with those activities. The report also makes recommendations to help DOJ better adhere to its mission and protect taxpayers‘ funds from misuse.
Read the full post here.

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Valley Forge branch of Tea Party launched

The Tea Party movement continues to grow. Will it make a difference in November by ousting the permanent political class that has ruined this country?

Valley Forge branch of Tea Party launched (video) - The Mercury (

Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Gov't Gets Bigger

PEMA Director Outlines Challenges Facing Emergency Responders from Fast-Growing Marcellus Shale Drilling Industry

$1.6 Billion Trial Lawyer Tax Break? Launches a Common Sense Pledge to Unite Our Nation

Democrats Look for a Boost

Pa. legislators fourth highest-paid in nation

The 10 best-paying states in the nation are California ($95,291), Michigan ($79,650), New York ($79,500), Pennsylvania ($78,314), Illinois ($67,836), Massachusetts ($61,440), Ohio ($60,584), Alaska ($50,400), Wisconsin ($49,943) and New Jersey ($49,000), according to The Pew Center on the States.

In addition to a base salary of $78,314, Pennsylvania lawmakers enjoy one of the best benefit packages in the country plus a host of perks. The typical legislator costs taxpayers around $150,000 a year.

Multiply that by the 253 legislators and you get one of the most expensive state legislatures in the nation.

Which state's legislators earn the most?

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

GOP: Dems to allow the largest tax increase in history

Friday, July 23, 2010

Not all 'change' is good

Rendell Signs 2 Execution Warrants

Number of death warrants signed by Gov. Ed Rendell since 2003: 110.

Number of executions in Pennsylvania since 2003: 0.

Governor Rendell Signs Two Execution Warrants

Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett 44% - Onorato 37%

Despite some recent bad publicity regarding comments he made about unemployed Pennsylvanians not willing to look for work as long as unemployment benefits are extended repeatedly, Republican Tom Corbett continues to hold a lead over Democratic opponent Dan Onorato in the race for Pennsylvania governor.

From a new Quinnipiac University poll:
Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett, the Republican candidate for Governor, has a 44 - 37 percent lead over Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, the Democrat, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

This compares to a 43 - 37 percent Corbett lead in a May 13 survey by the independent Quinnipiac University. In this latest survey, independent voters back Corbett 44 - 29 percent, as do Republicans 86 - 4 percent. Democrats back Onorato 69 - 13 percent.
Read more poll results here.

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A cautionary tale of big government

The Washington Post ran a series of articles this week about the massive growth (and apparent lack of accountability) of the U.S. intelligence community since 9/11.

The Bush Administration, followed by the Obama White House, have allowed scores of of alphabet soup government agencies to grow without any checks-and-balances or regard for expense.

Are we safer today after billions of dollars have been spent to bolster America's intelligence-gathering apparatus after the failures that led to 9/11? That's debatable.

From an editorial summarizing the series:
SINCE SEPT. 11, 2001, the United States has increased its spending on intelligence by 250 percent and created or revamped 263 organizations. Yet the problems that gusher of money and bureaucracy were meant to solve -- such as the failure of existing intelligence organizations to share information or "connect the dots" about terrorism threats -- have not been alleviated. Instead, as a series of articles in The Post this week documented, the vast expansion of agencies, programs and personnel -- including tens of thousands of private contractors -- has overwhelmed many of the policymakers and military commanders it was meant to serve.
Read the full editorial, "The overgrowth of intelligence programs since Sept. 11," at the newspaper's website.

You can also read the series, "Top Secret America," here.

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Sign of the Times

Federal Unemployment Compensation Programs Extended Through Nov. 27, 2010

Auditor General Announces Audit of State Tax Equalization Board

So much for Obamacare

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who will be Bruce Castor's running-mate in 2011?

Veteran Montgomery County political observer Margaret Gibbons writes about the jockeying for next year's race for Montgomery County commissioner.

Incumbent Bruce L. Castor Jr. will be one of the Republican nominees, but forget about Turncoat Jim Matthews for other spot. Matthews has maneuvered himself into Arlen Specter territory. He's a man without a party and will be tossed away by both parties.

From Gibbons' column:
The jockeying for the county Republican Committee's two county commissioner endorsements in next year's elections is already under way.

GOP incumbents Bruce L. Castor Jr. and James R. Matthews, former running mates who do not like each other one bit, have said they will be running for re-election next year. No surprise there.

However, there are others who believe that Matthews, who was censured by party leaders for his unprecedented alliance with Democratic Commissioner Joseph M. Hoeffel III, cannot win that second GOP endorsement and they want it for themselves. And, to date, these believers are all women.

The three women who have expressed an interest in that second endorsement include county jury commissioner Marie N. Cavanaugh of North Wales, Lower Merion commissioner Jenny Brown and Lower Merion GOPer Jill Govberg, who sought the endorsement four years ago but bowed out when she did not secure enough votes. Govberg has been attending the commissioners' meetings regularly for more than a year. It will be interesting to watch this play out. Above, beyond call of caring

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JournoList: Is 'call them racists' a liberal media tactic?

From The Christian Science Monitor:
JournoList was an informal online discussion group involving several hundred left-leaning journalists. In excerpts released Tuesday, some of their discussions appeared to veer toward collusion, from how to protect Barack Obama to how to tar conservative critics.
JournoList: Is 'call them racists' a liberal media tactic? -


The Rendell Carnival Is Back!

See related editorial, "Raise gas taxes?: Gov. Shameless," at The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website.

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Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Unveils New, More Customer-Friendly Prototype Store in Bucks County

Electricity Rates In PA Will Skyrocket in 2011

FRC Calls Obama Administration's Defense of the National Day of Prayer Inadequate

Poll: Don't Bank on a 'Turnaround' with Financial Reform

Does anyone other than the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers have faith in a reform bill put together by Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd, the two people most responsible for the economic collapse in the first place?

TMA Poll: Don't Bank on a 'Turnaround' with Financial Reform

New $100 Bill Coming in 2011

Audit: Obama 'auto bailout' cost U.S. jobs

Can this president get anything right? Every action Obama has taken over the past 18 months has made things worse. - Obama Administration's Actions in Auto Bailout Added to Unemployment, Audit Says

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

81 Members of Congress Stand with Arizona to Protect U.S. Borders

Video: Sestak Wrong on Cap & Trade

Rendell Pushes for $3B in new taxes, fees to meet transportation shortfall

Governor Rendell Announces Nominations, Appointments

Climate Bill Will Kill More U.S. Jobs

Lindsey Graham: No. 1 RINO in Congress

With Arlen Specter cleaning out his desk, it appears Lindsey Graham can now lay claim to the title of No. 1 RINO (Republican In Name Only) in Congress.

Lindsey Graham: Sellout - HUMAN EVENTS

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30 members of Congress join Tea Party Caucus so far

As of 7/21/10, here is a list of those Members of Congress who have officially joined the Tea Party Caucus:

Todd Akin (MO-2)
Rodney Alexander (LA-5)
Michele Bachmann (MN-6)
Joe Barton (TX-6)
Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6)
Michael Burgess (TX-26)
Paul Broun (GA-10)
Dan Burton (IN-5)
John Carter (TX-31)
John Culberson (TX-7)
John Fleming (LA-4)
Trent Franks (AZ-2)
Phil Gingrey (GA-11)
Louie Gohmert (TX-1)
Tom Graves (GA-9)
Pete Hoekstra (MI-2)
Walter Jones (NC-3)
Steve King (IA-5)
Doug Lamborn (CO-5)
Cynthia Lummis (WY)
Tom McClintock (CA-4)
Jerry Moran (KS-1)
Mike Pence (IN-6)
Tom Price (GA-6)
Denny Rehberg (MT)
Pete Sessions (TX-32)
Adrian Smith (NE-3)
Lamar Smith (TX-21)
Cliff Stearns (FL-6)
Todd Tiahrt (KS-4)

Source: Rep. Michelle Bachmann

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Thomas Sowell: Nothing Post-Racial About Barack Obama

Thomas Sowell is one of the most brilliant minds in the United States. A noted economist, social critic and author, Thomas Sowell is one of the most widely read political columnists in the country. Thomas Sowell also happens to be black. And Thomas Sowell is disgusted by the use of the race card by Barack Obama and his minions to disparage critics of his failed policies.

From a new column in Investor's Business Daily:
Some Obama supporters have long regarded any criticism of him as racism. But that they should have to resort to such a banner to bolster their case shows how desperate they are for any evidence.

Among people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, those who are likely to be most disappointed are those who thought they were voting for a new post-racial era. There was absolutely nothing in Obama's past to lead to any such expectation, and much to suggest the exact opposite. But the man's rhetoric and demeanor during the election campaign enabled this and many other illusions to flourish.

Still, it was an honest mistake of the kind that decent people have often made when dealing with people whose agendas are not constrained by decency, but only by what they think they can get away with.

On race, as on other issues, different people have radically different views of Barack Obama, depending on whether they judge him by what he says or by what he does. As Obama's own books point out, he has for years cultivated a talent for saying things that people will find congenial.

There is not now, nor has there ever been, anything post-racial about Barack Obama, except for the people who voted for him in the mistaken belief that he shared their desire to be post-racial. When he leaves office, especially if it is after one term, he will leave this country more racially polarized than before.

Hopefully, he may also leave the voters wiser, though sadder, after they learn from painful experience that you can't judge politicians by their rhetoric, or ignore their past because of your hopes for the future. Voters may even wise up to race card fraud.
Read the full column at the newspaper's website.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Newspaper: No On Kagan

Investor's Business Daily says Elena Kagan does not deserve a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court because of the contempt she has demonstrated for the Constitution. She will use her lifetime appointment to the court to chip away at basic rights in the Constitution, the newspaper argues.

Read the full editorial at the link below:

Why No On Kagan -

No Justice Under Eric Holder

Health Insurance 'Profiling' Practices in PA

Bailing Out on Rendell

With six months to go in his term (and the strong possibility of a Republican governor being elected), more Rendell top aides will be leaving Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Announces Resignation of Secretary of Administration Naomi Wyatt, Appoints Christian Soura as Secretary

Men and Women are Different?

Click on the link below for some interesting survey results about men and women.

AskMen and Unveil Exclusive Survey Results on Gender Differences

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eric Holder's Version of Justice

Poll: Support of Elena Kagan Hurts Swing Senators' Re-Election Bids

Watchdog group endorses Toomey for U.S. Senate

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Political Action Committee has formally announced its endorsement of former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) in the race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

From a CCAGWPAC press release:
"Pat Toomey is a proven leader in supporting limited government and eliminating excessive spending," said CCAGWPAC Chairman Tom Schatz. "Pat Toomey's voting record as a three-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives demonstrates that he will always represent the best interests of the taxpayers.

He was recognized by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) as a 'Taxpayer Hero' with a lifetime rating of 95 percent for his three terms in the House of Representatives and was a 'Taxpayer Super Hero' in 2001 for receiving a perfect score of 100 percent. With this type of record, taxpayers can take comfort that if elected to the U.S. Senate, Pat Toomey will continue to work to eliminate waste, fraud, and mismanagement in government.

On the other hand, Pat Toomey's opponent, Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) received a CCAGW vote rating of zero percent in 2009 and has a lifetime CCAGW rating of 5 percent.

These ratings reflect the fact that Rep. Sestak supports pork-barrel earmarks and wasteful government spending as well as tax increases. These policies have not resulted in creating jobs or helped to improve the U.S. economy."

On May 11, 2010, Rep. Toomey signed CCAGW's "No Pork Pledge," meaning he will not request any earmarks if he is elected to the Senate. In contrast, Rep. Sestak secured wasteful pork-barrel earmarks for 99 projects worth nearly $102 million from fiscal years 2008-2010. CCAGW this week will be challenging Rep. Sestak to renounce his earmark addiction and sign the "No Pork Pledge."

"Rep. Toomey has a demonstrated ability to lead Congress to improve the future economic outlook. America needs leaders who say 'no' to wasteful spending and the ongoing pork-fest in Washington. Pat Toomey will work to cut the record budget deficit and reduce taxes, which will improve the lives of every Pennsylvanian and all taxpayers," concluded Schatz.
For more about CCAGWPAC, which supports political candidates who will fight to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in government and represent the best interests of taxpayers, visit the group's Web site at

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PA GOP Launches

Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason released the following statement regarding Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's fundraiser in Philadelphia on behalf of Pennsylvania Congressional Democrats:
"Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi know that the fate of the Democratic majority in the House rests in the hands of Pennsylvania voters who will be casting ballots in ten contested Congressional contests," Gleason said. "While San Francisco liberals will certainly re-elect Speaker Pelosi this November, Pennsylvania voters have the chance to strip the gavel out of her hands by voting to elect Republican candidates who will form a fiscally responsible majority. That is why our Party is excited to launch, a site that allows visitors to support our efforts to win Pennsylvania Congressional races and punt Pelosi out of the Speaker's chair."

In response to Speaker Pelosi’s visit, our Party launched where voters from Pennsylvania and around the nation can donate to support our efforts to elect Republicans to Congress in the Keystone State. Pennsylvania is home to ten contested Congressional races and will no doubt play a major role in deciding which party controls the U.S. House of Representatives next year.

Gleason added, "Furthermore, Pennsylvania Congressional candidates, like 7th Congressional District candidate Bryan Lentz, are showing their true extreme liberal colors by openly campaigning with Biden and Pelosi, two architects of the failed big government agenda that has saddled our country with record debt and near double-digit unemployment. Bryan Lentz just sent a message to voters in Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District that he supports higher taxes, more spending and that he’ll serve as a rubberstamp to Speaker Pelosi!"

Today, Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi campaigned for Democratic Congressional candidate Bryan Lentz (PA-7) and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Philadelphia.

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Watch For Electoral Profiling

Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey 45%, Sestak 38%

Joe Sestak did well with the far-left base of the Democratic Party in beating Arlen Specter in the May primary, but his liberal voting record in Congress is hurting him against Republican Pat Toomey.

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Senate

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Dick Morris: Obama race bating will backfire

Dick Morris says Obama's decision to play the race card in a desperate attempt to reverse his dramatic slide in the polls will backfire. By claiming that anyone who criticizes Obama's failed policies is a racist, the president will lose more of his Democratic base, Morris said.

From his new column:
Now, Obama is letting his supporters strip away his image of a post-racial president by their increasingly racial rhetoric and his support for radical black activists.

Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers so obviously guilty of racial intimidation at the Philadelphia polling places in 2008 is of a piece with the NAACP's loud denunciation of the tea party movement as racists, likening it to the White Citizens Councils of the segregationist past. And the Obama administration's decision to sue to overturn the Arizona immigration law -- despite the fact that Americans approve of the statute, and disapprove of the lawsuit to void it, by 59 percent to 28 percent -- is an attempt to foundation his appeal to Latino voters in racial terms.

In a bid to increase enthusiasm and, therefore, turnout among minority voters, Barack Obama is sacrificing his white support and his non-racial image.

Already, the results of this disastrous strategy are apparent. The latest FoxNews/Opinion Dynamics survey shows that his job approval among Democrats has fallen from 84 percent two weeks ago to a mere 76 percent today. This fall has led to a drop in his overall approval from 47 percent at the end of June to 43 percent in the middle of July.

But the political implications of Obama's lurch to the left and his efforts to polarize his administration racially are only part of the problem. Obama, as president of the United States, is increasingly taking sides in the old racial debates, reigniting them and lending new fuel to their flames. He is no more the president of all the people, but is retreating into the racial cocoon of a supportive minority vote.
Read the full column, "The End of the Post Racial Presidency," at

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Voters Trust GOP on Most Key Issues

From a recent Rasmussen Reports poll on voter trust:
Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on nine out of 10 key issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports.

The latest national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows voters trust Republicans more by a 48% to 39% margin on the economy, an issue that has consistently been the most important among voters for several years.

Republicans have held the advantage on the economy since May of last year.
Read the full poll results at the link below:

Trust on Issues

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Trouble on the homefront

Poll: November Referendum On Obama

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll shows that the November midterm elections are shaping up as a referendum on the first two years of the Obama Administration. That's not what Democrats want to hear.

From Fox News:
Voters will go to the polls this November with control of Congress at stake. Yet most voters say when they pull that lever, they will be sending a message to the White House, according to a Fox News poll.

The poll, released Friday, finds that 41 percent of voters will cast their ballots to register opposition to President Obama's policies. A third (33 percent) will vote to express their support. The policies of the administration will not be a factor for 20 percent of voters.

Most Republicans — 72 percent — describe their midterm vote as expressing opposition to the Obama administration. That's a bit higher than the 64 percent of Democrats who say their vote will express support. One in 10 Democrats will vote to express opposition to the president (11 percent).

Independents are nearly 20 percentage points more likely to say their vote will express opposition (41 percent) rather than support (23 percent) for Obama policies. Thirty-three percent of independents say the administration won't influence their vote.

If the election were held today, 41 percent of voters would back the Republican candidate in their congressional district and 37 percent would vote for the Democratic candidate. That's little changed from two weeks ago when the vote favored the Republican candidate by 42-40 percent (June 29-30).
Click here for the full poll results.

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Lois Herr: Rules for Radicals

Lois Herr, a far-left Democrat who has lost to incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts twice before, is challenging Pitts again this November. But a look at Herr's record shows she should probably be running in San Fransisco, not in the 16th District, which covers parts of Berks, Chester and Lancaster counties.

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Pennsylvania Governor: Corbett 48%, Onorato 38%

Republican Tom Corbett continues to lead Rendell-clone Dan Onorato in the race for Pennsylvania governor, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

Election 2010: Pennsylvania Governor

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Democratic-leaning pollster: Pretty Bad Numbers for Obama

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm, has confirmed what most independent pollsters have been saying for months: Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are in a free-fall.

From a post at the PPP Web site:
Pretty Bad 2012 Numbers for Obama

With his approval numbers hitting new lows it's no surprise that Barack Obama's numbers in our monthly look ahead to the 2012 Presidential race are their worst ever this month. He trails Mitt Romney 46-43, Mike Huckabee 47-45, Newt Gingrich 46-45, and is even tied with Sarah Palin at 46. The only person tested he leads is Jan Brewer, who doesn't have particularly high name recognition on the national level at this point.

It's not that any of the Republican candidates are particularly well liked. Only Huckabee has positive favorability numbers at 37/28. Romney's at 32/33, Gingrich at 32/42, Palin at 37/52, and Brewer at 17/20. But with a majority of Americans now disapproving of Obama it's no surprise that a large chunk of them would replace him as President if they had that choice today.

There are two things driving these strong poll numbers for the Republican candidates. The first is a lead with independents in every match up. Romney leads 48-35 with them, Gingrich is up 50-39, Huckabee has a 46-40 advantage, Palin's up 47-42, and even Brewer has a 38-37 edge.

The other thing causing the Republicans to do so well is that their party is unified around them to an equal or even greater extent than Democrats are around Obama. Huckabee's getting 85% of the Republican vote to Obama's 82% of the Democrats, Romney's at 82% in his party to Obama's 80%, Gingrich and Obama are each getting 83% of their party vote, and Palin and Obama are each getting 81% of theirs.
Read more poll results here.

From an earlier post:
Obama Approval Hits Record Low

Barack Obama's hit a record low in PPP's monthly national polling on his approval numbers. 45% of voters approve of the job he's doing while 52% disapprove. This is the first time he's topped the 50% disapproval mark in our surveys.

There isn't any one smoking gun to point to in explaining Obama's diminished standing. In the last month he's seen small increases in the number of voters disapproving of him among Democrats (from 13% to 16%), Republicans (84% to 88%), and independents (55% to 56%) alike.

The two most troublesome things for Obama in his numbers at this point are his standing among white voters and independents. Whites now disapprove of Obama by nearly a 2:1 margin, with 62% giving him bad marks and only 35% saying he's doing a good job. With independents his approval is just 40% and 56% disapprove of his performance.

Nearly four months after its passage PPP continues not to find any evidence voters are warming up to the health care bill. 40% of voters favor it while 53% are opposed, numbers actually representing a regression since a poll right before the final vote found 45% support and 49% opposition. That shift may be more reflective of the President's declining popularity than anything having to do with the bill itself, but nevertheless it seems clear Democrats continue to lose the public opinion battle on the issue.

Read the full post here.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pew Commends Uniform Law Commission for Military and Overseas Voters Act

Pennsylvania to Host 2010 Broadband Summit

Public Can Register Now for this Free September Event

Pennsylvania to Host 2010 Broadband Summit

BP Tries A New Cap

600,000 Pennsylvanians out of work

Almost 600,000 Pennsylvanians are out of work and all Gov. Rendell can say is that the state's 9.2% unemployment rate is below the national unemployment level. Heckuva job, Eddie.

The only bright spot is that Rendell will be joining the ranks of the unemployed in about six months.

Governor Rendell: PA Unemployment Rate Unchanged; Work Toward Economic Recovery Continues

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New Video: 'Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns, and 850 Illegal Aliens'

Maybe Obama and Holder should be forced to watch this video so they'd have a clue about what's really going on along the U.S.-Mexican border.

New Video: 'Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2'

Is the 'stumulus' working?

2 million U.S. jobs lost since Obama signed the 'stimulus' bill into law.

Is stimulus plan working? The arguments pro and con. -

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Video: Obama: 'I will not rest'

Paging Bart Stupak: Obama Lied About Abortion Funding

Remember how Rep. Bart Stupak and all those "principled" Democrats were going to vote against Obamacare because it provides taxpayer funding for abortions?

Remember how Obama write Stupak a letter promising that would never happen?

Obama lied.

The letter isn't worth the paper it was printed on. Stupak is retiring from the House but his legacy is the betrayal of the unborn and the American taxpayers.

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, chairman of the House Republican Conference, released the following statement Wednesday in response to the Obama Administration spending $160 million on a "high risk" insurance program that will pay for abortions:
"It is morally wrong to end an unborn human life by abortion. It is also reprehensible to take taxpayer dollars from millions of pro-life Americans and use them to pay for abortions.

"President Obama promised the American people that his health care law would not allow federal funding of abortion. But according to an investigation by the National Right to Life Committee, this allocation for Pennsylvania’s high risk pool will break the president's promise by using taxpayer dollars to subsidize coverage of nearly any kind of abortion.

"We must stop this immoral offense against human life and against American taxpayers. Congress should act quickly on critical legislation by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) to stop the administration from using ObamaCare to fund abortions. The best long-term solution, and the one that I remain committed to, is the total repeal of ObamaCare."

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Megyn Kelly exposes clueless liberal

FRC Action: Obama Administration Approves First Obamacare Abortion Funding

Rendell Announces Nominations, Appointments

National Tea Party Federation Rejects NAACP Accusations of Racism

Poll: 6 in 10 Americans lack faith in Obama

You've heard of buyers' remorse. How about voters' remorse?

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds voter confidence in Barack Obama's ability to do the job of president has reached a new low.

From The Washington Post:
Public confidence in President Obama has hit a new low, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. Four months before midterm elections that will define the second half of his term, nearly six in 10 voters say they lack faith in the president to make the right decisions for the country, and a clear majority once again disapproves of how he is dealing with the economy.

Overall, more than a third of voters polled -- 36 percent -- say they have no confidence or only some confidence in the president, congressional Democrats and congressional Republicans. Among independents, this disillusionment is higher still. About two-thirds of all voters say they are dissatisfied with or angry about the way the federal government is working.

Such broad negative sentiments have spurred a potent anti-incumbent mood. Just 26 percent of registered voters say they are inclined to support their representative in the House this fall; 62 percent are inclined to look for someone new.

Democrats nationally remain on the defensive as they seek to retain both houses of Congress this fall. Registered voters are closely divided on the question of whether they will back Republicans or Democrats in House races. Among those who say they are sure to cast ballots in November, 49 percent side with the GOP and 45 percent with Democrats.
Read the full story at the newspaper's website.

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Mind boggling: See this real time US debt clock in action

NEWS ITEM: Federal budget gap tops $1 trillion through June

From American Family Association:
How much do you owe? How much do your children owe? What about your state? How about our nation?

Take a look at this real-time, mind boggling website which will show you just how President Obama's liberal spending binges are killing America.

This U.S. National Debt Clock is spinning out of control, just like the liberal spenders in the White House and Congress.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rep. Sam Rohrer: Rendell Budget Out of Balance, Unconstitutional

State Budget is Out of Balance and Unconstitutional

By State Rep. Sam Rohrer

On June 30, a truly unconstitutional, out-of-balance $28.04 billion state budget was passed through the Legislature. The fact that it was passed on time for the first time in eight years is nothing to celebrate, given the abdication of both fiscal responsibility and constitutional safeguards by those in office.

This budget is, ultimately, a set-up for an enormous tax increase next year. This budget grossly overstates revenue, depends on $850 million in federal Medicaid funding that has not yet been approved, and refuses to plan for the upcoming fiscal shortfalls.

Leadership in both parties in both the House and Senate has been applauding the on-time passage of a budget that doesn't increase taxes. Yet this blindness to what is really taking place is either deliberate ignorance or a complete disregard for sound policy making.

This budget expects the state's economy to grow — grow! — by 3 percent this year, when most economists are predicting at best 0 percent growth and as much as a 2 percent decline. That gap is between $750 million and $1.25 billion.

Next year, Pennsylvania loses federal stimulus funds. We will likely have to cope with the raiding of the MCare fund to the tune of $800 million. And the state’s unemployment compensation debt it owes to the federal government could top $4 billion. Everything is being pushed off until next year.

Perhaps the most egregious aspect of this budget’s passage is the manner in which it was accomplished. Approximately $66 million of Walking Around Money (WAMs) was put back in, along with a $600 million increase in the borrowing cap on the fund that pays for discretionary capital projects around the state, including nearly $300 million to be passed out by Gov. Ed Rendell. The historic use of these taxpayer-funded earmarks to buy votes in exchange for funneling money to legislators' districts is unconscionable.

Our leadership and elected officials have once again placed pragmatism over principle. That the budget should be passed on time is absolutely correct. But it's not just about getting it done on time. It's about elected officials doing the right thing — by their oath of office, by the Constitution, and by the taxpayers.

State Rep. Sam Rohrer is a Republican who has represented the 128th House District in Berks Council since 1993. He is minority chairman of the House Finance Committee. Rohrer is retiring from the Legislature at the end of the year, following an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor.

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Barack Obama vs. Lindsay Lohan

FRC Responds to Flawed British Study on Fetal Pain

Three in Five Americans Give President Obama Negative Ratings on Afghanistan

Video: When Angry Liberals Attack

Amazing how hostile Congressional Democrats are toward their constituents these days. Sounds like Mr. Rodriguez should be retired come November.

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Poll: Public confidence in Barack Obama hits a new low

Public confidence in President Barack Obama's ability to make the right decisions for the country's future has hit a new low, according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll out Tuesday.

Fifty-eight percent of the 1,288 adults polled nationwide said that they have "just some" or no confidence in the president, the low mark of his presidency in the poll.

While Obama's numbers have dipped, he's still in better shape than either Democrats or Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Sixty-eight percent said they do not have confidence Democrats while 72 percent said the same of Republicans.

Obama gets a 50 percent approval rating in the poll. But 43 percent approve of the president's handling of the economy while 44 approve of his approach to regulating the financial industry while 40 percent said the same of his management of the federal budget deficit.
Read more at the link below:

Poll: Confidence in Barack Obama hits low - Andy Barr -

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13th Annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest Winners

The Foundation for Fair Civil Justice has a little fun each year by conducting its Wacky Warning Labels Contest.

The contest is designed to both entertain and alarm the nation about "the lawsuit-happy culture and the lengths to which companies must go to avoid lawsuits," according to the Foundation.

Here are the winners of the 13th annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest, selected by the studio audience for "Stossel" on FOX Business Network:
-- This year's Grand Prize Winner is "Never operate your speakerphone while driving," a warning attached to the Jabra "Drive 'N' Talk" speakerphone for use with a mobile cell phone.

The label was submitted by Courtney Pike of Bay City, Michigan, who wins the $1,000 grand prize and a copy of Wacky Warning Labels Contest host Bob Dorigo Jones' bestselling book, "Remove Child Before Folding: 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever."

-- The Second Prize Winner is "This product moves when used," a warning attached to a Razor motorized go-cart.

-- The Third Prize Winner is "Use of a headset that covers both ears will impair your ability to hear other sounds," a warning on the Plantronics Bluetooth full headset.
"Once a year, millions of people around the world get a collective laugh from our winners," said Bob Dorigo Jones, Senior Fellow at Foundation for Fair Civil Justice. "The truth is, this is no laughing matter. In fact, every family of four in America pays a 'litigation tax' of more than $9,000 a year on products and services we buy."

For more about the contest or the group's work, check out its website at

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Uncle Sam's Message To Ariz.

Jimmy Buffett Changes Tune on Oil Spill, No Longer Blames Bush

Most Transparent Administration Ever Makes Effective Reporting from Gulf a Felony

PennDOT Invites Motorists to Take Online Highway Safety Survey

AP: Pa. legislators tapped grants while deficit grew

Another glaring example of Harrisburg insiders fiddling while Pennsylvania burns.

From an investigative piece by Marc Levy of The Associated Press:
Even as the state government staggered under a multibillion-dollar budget shortfall that crimped public services and forced layoffs, the Legislature continued to tap a hush-hush pool of grant money set aside for lawmakers' pet projects back home.

All told, legislators have requested about $210 million since the money was approved in July 2008, according to an Associated Press analysis of documents released by the governor's office under a Right-to-Know request. That works out to $830,000 in taxpayer money for each of the state's 253 legislative districts, where the grants are spent on everything from playground equipment to police cruisers, and festivals to ball fields.

The grants — nicknamed WAMs, for "walking-around money" — enable lawmakers to take credit for bringing home the bacon and give a handful of top lawmakers outsized influence over directing disproportionate sums of money to their own districts.

Between October and April, as tax collections stubbornly lagged projections by about $1 billion, legislators' grant requests increased by about $30 million.

The just-signed $28 billion budget for 2010-11 appears to set aside tens of millions of dollars more for the grants. Following a three-month budget stalemate and a multibillion-dollar deficit last year, top legislators say they decided against inserting more money for the grants into the 2009-10 budget that passed in October.

Gov. Ed Rendell has not stopped approving the grant requests.

"We must and should keep this commitment," Rendell's chief of staff Steve Crawford said two weeks ago. "It's a matter of trust and honor. If the Legislature wanted to use the money to reduce the deficit, that's something we would be more than willing to discuss."
Read the full story here.

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Honor Killing Awareness Campaign Launches

ObamaCare: Dream Turned Nightmare

You've heard the Democrats' lies, now prepare for the reality of ObamaCare: health care rationing, higher premiums, lost coverage and death panels.

Don't say you weren't warned.

From an editorial in Investor's Business Daily:
Key provisions of the president's health care reform are about to take effect. Don't expect any of it to be pretty.

It turns out that — as predicted by health experts, and reported on this page — ObamaCare will make health insurance premiums rise rather than fall. This and other unpleasant truths are revealed in a new report from two Republican senators, which charges that "when measured against the administration's own stated goals, the new health law fails to address the top health care concerns of the American people."

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and John Barrasso of Wyoming are the only two members of the U.S. Senate with M.D.s, and their prognosis in the report, titled "Bad Medicine: a Check-up on the New Federal Health Law," is far from good.

"Independent experts have found that the new health law will increase the cost of health insurance and health care services," the two doctor-senators say, noting the Congressional Budget Office concludes that "premiums for millions of American families in 2016 will be 10%-13% higher than they otherwise would be. This represents a $2,100 increase per family, compared with the status quo."

Two thousand dollars more? Did something hidden in the 3,000 pages of the ObamaCare bill, which the White House and leading congressional Democrats moved heaven and earth to get passed, make those evil health insurers even greedier?
Read the full editorial at the newspaper's Web site:

ObamaCare: Dream Turned Nightmare -

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Least Obama's Consistent

Rep. Toepel to host Open House July 15

State Rep. Marcy Toepel, R-147th Dist., will hold an open house from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 15, at her district office at 105 Memorial Road in Schwenksville.

"As the new state representative, I would enjoy the opportunity to familiarize residents with not only my office but also myself on a personal level," Toepel said in a press release.

The first-term state representative of the 147th Legislative District said the event will allow district residents the chance to meet her and her staff, and learn more about the services her office can provide to constituents.

"I am looking forward to this event, but it's important to note that my door is always open," said Toepel. "If residents have any questions or concerns regarding any state government-related issue, they can always call or visit my office."

Toepel's district office can be reached at 610-287-4181 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Information is also available on her website at

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

'Auction Blowout' at PA Farm Show Complex

Rendell Signs 11 Bills into Law

Weekly GOP Address: Obama 'stimulus' spending spree has failed

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) invites Americans fed up with Washington's out-of-control 'stimulus' spending spree to make their voices heard through America Speaking Out and help construct a new agenda rooted in the principles of a smaller, more accountable, and less costly government. Central to this effort, Rep. Gingrey notes, is an innovative web forum where Americans can share their ideas and have them debated, discussed, and voted on in an open and transparent forum.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Poll: 60% in Pennsylvania Disapprove of Rendell

It appears Gov. Ed Rendell has overstayed his welcome in the governor's mansion, with 6 in 10 Pennsylvania residents saying he has not done a good job as governor.

I'm wondering where the other 40 percent have been living.

40% in Pennsylvania Approve of Governor, 60% Disapprove

Poll: 57% in Pennsylvania Favor Arizona-Like Immigration Law

The majority of Pennsylvania residents, just like the majority of Americans, support Arizona's efforts to protect its borders from illegal aliens.

So why does Barack Obama oppose the will of the people?

57% in Pennsylvania Favor Arizona-Like Immigration Law

Jennifer Lopez cancels trip to northern Cyprus

Thanks in no small part to the pressure put on by this blog, Jennifer Lopez has come to her senses and canceled her planned concert in Turkish Occupied Cyprus.

Way to go, JLo.

I'm sure Jenny wasn't aware that she would be performing in an occupied territory run by a an illegal regime set by Turkey.

Give her credit for passing up a huge paycheck to stand up for principle.

We can be friends again.

From an article in The Christian Science Monitor:
Pop star Jennifer Lopez has canceled a performance in Turkish-held north Cyprus after whipping up a storm of angry protest from thousands of displaced Greek Cypriots.

Lopez's gig at a luxury hotel had triggered angry protests among Greeks accusing her of according legitimacy to northern Cyprus, a breakaway state recognized only by Ankara.

"Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse," a statement on Lopez's website said.

"After a full review of the relevant circumstances in Cyprus, it was the decision of her advisors to withdraw from the appearance.

This was a team decision that reflects our sensitivity to the political realities of the region," it said.
Jennifer Lopez cancels north Cyprus show after Greek outcry -


Video: Sarah Palin - Mama Grizzlies

Inside Obama's America

The non-partisan offers a grim look at life in these United States during the Obama era:
More than 15 million Americans are unemployed, homelessness has increased by 50 percent in some cities, and 38 million people are receiving food stamps, more than at any time in the program's almost 50-year history.

Evidence of rising economic hardship is ample. There's one commonly used standard for measuring it: the U.S. Census Bureau’s poverty rate. It guides much of federal and state spending aimed at helping those unable to make a decent living.

But a number of states have become convinced that the federal figures actually understate poverty, and have begun using different criteria in operating state-based social programs. At the same time, conservative economists are warning that a change in the formula to a threshold that counts more people as poor could lead to an unacceptable increase in the cost of federal and state social service programs.

When Census publishes new numbers for 2009 in September, experts predict they'll show a steep rise in the poverty rate. One independent researcher estimates the data will show the biggest year-to-year increase in recorded history.
Read the full story at the link below:

More poverty by any measure

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Taxpayers subsidize liberal media

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Morning Shows Devote 52 Minutes to Lindsay Lohan, a Scant 20 Seconds to Appointment of Controversial Doctor

The 60 lawmakers who kept the pay raise

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a story this week by Tom Barnes by about the lack of real reform in Harrisburg on the fifth anniversary of the middle-of-the-night pay raise. You can read it here.

The newspaper also ran a list of the 60 state legislators who have refused to this day to return the illegal pay raise.

The list was compiled by Eric Epstein of Rock The Capital. Take a minue to review the 60 names. If your state legislator is on this list and you're still contemplating re-electing him or her this November, you should have your head examined.

Click here for Rock the Capital's pay raise list

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Obama Advisor: Lets Use Cap-and-Trade Taxes to Give Money to Other Countries

What's the Difference?

American Legion Sends Letter to Senate, Urges Passage of Gold Star Parents Bill

Greek Cypriots get loud over Lopez gig in northern Cyprus

Pressure continues to build on Jennifer Lopez to cancel her upcoming performance in Turkish Occupied Cyprus. A Facebook page opposing the singer's trip to the rogue nation has received more than 16,000 fans in a matter of days.

From Reuters:
Jennifer Lopez has entered a diplomatic minefield on ethnically split Cyprus after agreeing to perform in its Turkish-held north, stirring anger among thousands of Greek Cypriots.

Lopez is scheduled to perform at the opening of a luxury hotel in north Cyprus on July 24, triggering fury from Greek Cypriots who say it's a slap in the face to people forced to flee from northern Cyprus during a Turkish invasion in 1974.

Greek Cypriots have flooded a Facebook site with angry demands the Latina star cancel her trip while organizers of the event say the show will go on.

"We have a signed agreement with her and it is active," said Murat Bozoglu, a director of the $220 million Cratos Premium hotel in northern Cyprus.

Lopez's publicists were not immediately available for comment. Local newspapers reported she was being paid $3 million for her one-off performance.
Read the full story here.


Pennsylvania Banking Department Announces Quarterly Report on Enforcement Actions

Auditor General: Welfare Dept. Not Spending Stimulus Funds in Timely Manner

Toomey video blasts Sestak on spending

Poll: Obama overtakes Carter as worst U.S. president

That didn't take long. In office for less than two years, Barack Obama has passed Jimmy Carter as the worst U.S. president of the last 100 years in a new opinion poll conducted by Abrams, Herzog & Filippi for U.S.E. News.

From a U.S.E. News press release:
President Obama is now deemed as the worst President of the United States in the last 100 years by 34% of polled registered voters in the U.S. This eclipses President Carter who was cited by 31% of voters. This in the latest poll just out by Abrams, Herzog & Filippi for U.S.E. News.

"Obama and the Democrats are now seen as doing all they can to collapse the nation financially by a full 64% of registered Republicans. It was only a matter of weeks or months before Obama overtook Carter as the worst President in the eyes of American voters" said Mike Lodee of U.S.E. News.

The question posed to 1438 (49% Female, 51% Male) registered voters was "Who Do You Think Is The Worst President Of The U.S. In The Last 100 Years?" and had as possible answers the previous President Bush, President Carter, President Obama and President Wilson.

"With the massive spending that seems to be increasing every few months it looks like Obama's numbers will only worsen and solidify him as the worst President as America is virtually bankrupt right now" stated Mr. Lodee.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PA Reform Amnesty TV Ad: We DO Know Who You Are

For more information, go to

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Job Ratings for Political Leaders Show Public's Disillusionment

FRC Action: Donald Berwick's Views on Rationing Will Undermine U.S. Health Care System

Rendell Signs Bill Giving Him Access to $600M Slush Fund

With less than six months to go as governor, Ed Rendell has signed a bill into law that raises the state debt limit by $600 million, giving Rendell access to a lucrative slush fund he can spend on his way out the door.

Rendell has already said he will use some of the borrowed tax dollars to pay for new public buildings that would be named after two of his favorite fellow Democrats - U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter and the late Rep. John Murtha.

The slush fund was part of the budget agreement Rendell worked out with Legislative leaders, who gave Rendell a pass on his $28 billion deficit budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year that began July 1.

About half of the projects that the slush fund will finance are being hand-picked by Rendell, while legislators expect to assemble a second list in the coming months that also must be authorized by legislation before they can receive money, according to The Associated Press.

From the AP's Marc Levy:
Rendell is earmarking $10 million for the Arlen Specter Library at Philadelphia University and another $10 million for the John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

The Democratic governor also is setting aside $20 million for an "American Revolution Center" in Philadelphia and $30 million for a biologics manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh.
Governor Rendell Signs Legislation

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