Monday, March 16, 2015

Website exposes Pa. Gov. Wolf's property tax scheme

Republican state lawmakers want Pennsylvania residents to understand the property tax shift scheme Gov. Tom Wolf proposed in his 2015-16 budget. Wolf wants to increase the state income tax and state sales tax permanently in exchange for temporary tax relief for some school districts.

The House Majority Appropriations Committee on Monday launched a new website - - that provides details on how Pennsylvania taxpayers in each of the state's 500 school district would fare under Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed property tax shift plan.

"Despite what the governor has been saying, his property tax shift proposal would cost many taxpayers across the Commonwealth far more than it would provide in property tax relief," state Rep. James R. Santora (R-Delaware) said. "Once it's fully implemented, the governor's plan would raise more than $8 billion in new taxes, but only put $3.6 billion toward property tax relief."

Read the full release here:

PA House Republican Caucus - House Majority Appropriations Committee Launches ‘Taxpayers That Pay’ Website, Santora Says


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