Friday, September 27, 2013

19 Senators stand with Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare

Several important votes were held Friday in the Senate.

The biggest one was the measure by Sen. Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare.

Only 19 Senators - all Republicans - stood with the American people and supported the effort to pull the plug on Obamacare:
Sens. Jerry Moran (Kan.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Richard Shelby (Ala.), Jame Risch (Idaho), James Inhofe (Okla.), Rob Portman (Ohio), Jeff Sessions (Ala.), David Vitter (La.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Mike Lee (Utah), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Crapo (Idaho), Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Pat Roberts (Kan.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Dean Heller (Nev.), Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Pat Toomey (Pa.).
If your Senator is not on the list above, they sold your family out to government-run health care that will raise your raises and force you into policies you don't want. Vote them out in 2014.

Read more about the maneuvering in the Senate in this article from The Hill.


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