Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More 'Replace Obamacare' Billboards Go Up in Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Commercial Action Network (PACAN), an advocacy group for small businesses, is adding three more "Replace Obamacare" billboards across Pennsylvania on the eve of the Nov. 6 election.

From a PACAN posting on the group's website
PACAN is placing 3 more "Replace Obamacare" billboards along I-95 and I-76 in the Philadelphia market.  "We'll now be impressing 2 million people a week by the end of October, but we'd like to double that with digital bulletins along Pennsylvania's major highways," said Matt Balazik, "We need the public's help to share this reminder that Obamacare is bad policy that incentivizes limiting access and reducing quality."

In addition to the over 1,000 "Replace Obamacare" bumper stickers ordered by the public in the past 2 weeks, several hundred anti-voter-fraud yard signs have been ordered and we expect to see them at polling places around the commonwealth.
 PACAN is also offering a cash reward for information about potential voter fraud in Pennsylvania.  


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