Monday, November 22, 2010

Pay raise for PA politicians kicks in Dec. 1

Christmas comes early for members of the Pennsylvania Legislature, already among the highest paid "public servants" in the United States.

An annual automatic cost-of-living increase kicks in Dec. 1 for state lawmakers, judges and other elected officials.

From The Associated Press:
Pennsylvania's legislators, judges and top state officials are about to get automatic pay raises of 1.7 percent. Newly elected and returning legislators will get their raises starting Dec. 1, officials said Monday.

The annual salaries for rank-and-file legislators will increase from $78,315 to $79,623. Salaries for legislative floor leaders will rise from $113,468 to $115,364.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the laws says(I THINK) they get this cost of living OH BOY just ask the SS recipient how much they got in there COST OF LIVING. These people are so out of touch from the people who put them in. THEY SURE DON'T GET IT DO THEY. WHEN IN HE.. ARE WE EVER GOING TO LEARN WE'RE BROKE IN HARRISBURG NO MONIES FOR ROADS EX; 422 TOLLS NO MONIES TO HELP THE POOR SOCIAL CUTBACKS AND ON AN ON. BUT A COST OF LIVING OH YA11111111111111111 YES SIR.
There pensions and all other perks should be cut right away saving us millions of dollars and oh yes we STILL WILL get some people in there that cares about the rest of the commonwealth NOT THERE PAY!!

November 23, 2010 at 12:15 PM 

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